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Cosmic Shimmer Polish Collection 


Cosmic Shimmer Lustre Polish is a water-based, fast-drying medium containing fine mica particles  It is designed to create an intense shimmering background The pots have their own incorporated delivery system making them easy to use on a variety of surfaces including MDF, card, paper and home décor projects.  Once dry, the Lustre Polish background can be overstamped and heat embossed. .


Matt Chalk Polish is a water-based polish with a creamy mousse-like consistency that dries quickly to a matt chalk finish. The 50 ml pot has the unique delivery system, with an easy to use handle incorporating a sponge for easy application.  The polish is suitable for most porous surfaces, don’t think just card, what about MDF, Pop-Ems and home décor projects. Easy soap and water clean-up. Clean your sponge after use.


This polish has a creamy mousse like consistency. Sold in a range of rich colours and with its own incorproated delivery system. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including MDF, paper and home décor projects.
Easy soap and water clean-up. Clean your sponge after use.


Create bright neon paint effects on your crafting projects! A water-based, fast drying medium with a creamy mousse like consistency that glides effortlessly onto a multitude of porous surfaces. Use on: Card, MDF, home décor items, mixed media or any porous surface. 
50ml pot.


Opal Polish is a water-based, fast drying medium, available in stunning colours. It contains a base colour polish with the addition of mica in a complementary colour, achieving beautiful opalescent effects for craft projects. When used on dark card the mica colour dominates to give a completely different look.
The pots have their own incorporated delivery system in the handle. 50ml pot.


 Opal Blaze Polish is a water-based, fast drying medium which contains a base colour with the addition of up to 5 shimmering mica colours to achieve stunning colour changing effects on dark and black card.
7ml pot.
Water based

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