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An Idiots Guide To Scrapbooking Part 2 ~ By Ian Rump-Smith

An Idiots Guide To Scrapbooking Part 2 ~ By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania

Hey.... I'm back again for the Part 2 of my Idiots Guide to Scrapbooking :-)

I hope my first installment inspired you and in any case made you smile.....


So firstly I had the challenge of thinking of a new theme for my next page... and as I was feeling a little cold (as you do with this crazy weather in the middle of the summer) lol, it got me thinking of hot chocolate. So a cosy winter page it is - Simples

I'm going rouge with this one and not making a plan, but choosing my content first and then plan with my makes. Am I rambling?

You will see how my mind works in a bit.


Ok I'm back again... have you missed me?

Ok let's get technical now and start my page.

Patterned paper is harder to work with than a plain colour page, as you want the elements on the page to all go together.

My main colour, as I was thinking hot chocolate, is brown. So this was my immediate choice out of my stash of 12 x12 papers.

I've cut it down and mounted it onto a white page, to create a nice little border.

Now colours mmmm?

Oh pink! Pink goes so well with brown and also white........(thinking marshmallows)!!!

OMG... my head is spinning now I think I might fall over....

Well maybe not - I'm sitting down, but roll with my excitement!

I have the perfect stamp set in my stash - Creative Expressions Novelty Christmas Mugs!

A little stick, stamp, press and scribble along with ohhh and ahhh later we have this!


Ok, so I know I have more breaks than a bricky on a work site, but we all need to rest our eyes and brains to reset, right?? lol

So I now have one element ready for my page, but I need a few more....

What goes well with a cup of hot chocolate - but a biscuit! Out comes the gingerbread man :-)


Stamped in VersaFine Clair - brown ink is better than black for this one.

Alcohol inks out again :-)

Also included in the Stamp Set is the perfect thing, which I am using for the border on my page!

Oh I could so do with a bag of these right now to get all sticky with!


Now I don't know why, but I have a fascination for pockets on cards as you can put a little gift inside them - so I made one for my page.

I made a random size and cut it out like this, and added this ink below.

I don't throw anything away (I'm sure I'm not alone there), so this lace from my stash is perfect :-)

I also used one of Jamie Rodgers Outline Duos Stencils to create the stitch effect around the edge of my pocket.

I'm sitting here smiling now, as the sun is coming out, and here I am making a Winter page!!

You can tell I live in the UK....

Next, I used my Noble Round Corner Square Dies to cut out 2 squares that could be used as mounts for photos or some journalling.

I cut a couple of 'candy cane' borders to pop onto one squares, and used Jamie's Festive Collection Christmas Border die set.


I am back... bright eyed and bushy tailed so they say! Yeah right (and don't laugh)...that's why I walked into the door frame as I went into my craft room.

So the ingredients for my page are nearly complete and then the mixing can're on my level with this one?

I cut 2 gold mirri borders of lights using Jamie's Holiday Lights die set and also (my favourite new flower die) a white Rippled Poinsettia. Made up these are truly gorgeous!

Ok, so my thought was, let's add some pattern to my gingham background.

I used the stencil of a garden screen and just moved it around my page, along with a blending brush and brown ink.

I grabbed all my ingredients and and laid them onto my page (bowl) and moved them around (mix) and then added a sentiment (extra taste). Finally get it all in the right place (constituency).

Now I look at my page (through the oven door window) and see my handy work is looking ok.

Then I suddenly realised what I would use the pocket for? (Sinking in the middle).

I think I need help... I really do!


So after taking a photo (taking my creation out of the oven) I was having a 'crafters block' lol...

still couldn't think what the pocket is for.

TOP TIP - I went for a walk at this point, as it is of great help to walk away and come back, rather than sitting with a blank feeling at the desk :-)

I always end up in Jamie's Shop, as Craftmania has all those amazing craft items we all love.

The lovely staff are always interested and ask about my work, so I let her see a glimpse of my page and told her about my dilemma. BING! BANG! BOSH!

Just like that, she comes up with a perfect solution, a recipe card for gingerbread biscuits! Genius!

Thanks for the inspiration

Well that's my second page done, so I shall be back again as I'm loving this new found craft!

Don't forget, you can find all of the Design Team's Blogs over on Craftmania's website, and we would love you to share your creations with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers

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Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers
Jul 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Another beautiful page, and I love the idea of the pocket, we went for a walk around a Christmas light show a couple of years ago... Hot chocolate in hand... and the tickets would go great in the pocket as a memory holder! I really love the layout and the way you stenciled over patterend paper... I am not always that brave.. but it looks great! I can't wait to read the next one... I am really enjoying these and seeing your process.

Replying to

Thanks Jamie and I think pockets are good but was lost on this one until help came to hand, but your idea fits perfectly too.

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