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Christmas Exploding Box Dimensions By Jamie Rodgers

Christmas Exploding Box Dimensions By Jamie Rodgers | Craftmania Blog

Hello all....

I've had rather a few questions about my new exploding box featured in my latest Collection's launch, so I felt a few instructions might help put you on the path to creating your very own...

I make my exploding boxes slightly different to some people.

Instead of cutting large sheets of card in to an 'X' - I opt to making panels and adding tabs...

▪️So I cut 4 panels (all the same size) and score the base of each panel at 0.5"

I then cut a square the same width as the panels. Glue each 'tab' under the square to create my 'X' ▪️For this box, I have repeated this 3 times, shrinking down the sizes for each layer of the exploding box. ▪️So the largest panels for the outside of the box are :-

6"x 6.5" (scored at 0.5" to create a 6"x 6" side to each panel)

The middle square is - 6" x 6"

▪️The next level down on the exploding box.. 5" x 5.5" (scored at 0.5" to create a 5"x 5" side to each panel) The middle square is - 5" x 5"

▪️The smallest level to the box is 4"x 4.5" (scored at 0.5" to create a 4"x 4" side to each panel).

The middle square is - 4" x 4" So as you can see, I chose to step each layer down by 1," but you could add in more layers or change this ratio to fit your display/style.

For the lid, I cut a square of card at 7.1" x 7.1" and scored at 0.5" on all sides, and cut and formed it to create the lid.

The tree i have cut 5, folded them in half and glued them back to back to create a free standing decoration

I have built a small 1" box to stand my tree on top of to give more room for presents.

I then covered the box and ground around it in fluffy stiff.

This is just a quick outline to hopefully help you understand the workings of this Exploding Box.

For mine I have chosen to decorate the middle with a selection of my new dies -

For the outside of my box I have used : -

And I have decorated the panels with papers from these two Paper Pads..

TIP - When using these papers for my presents, I glued the paper on to thin white card before die cutting to give the paper more body and strength. Craft Tools I have used -

If you would like your boxes to stand out even more, one thing that really gives a lovely finish is rounding the corners of your papers and layers...

Finishing touches..

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