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Design Team - Floral Anniversary by Ian Rump-Smith

Happy Wednesday Crafters!

Well, I said I wouldn't make another Christmas card for this week so here is my Floral Anniversary card.

Can be used for birthdays too of course so please use this as Inspiration and let your imagination do the rest!

Step 1:

I started with an 8 x 8 card base, and yes this seems to be my go to one lately, but has more room to work with. I cut out my mats using my CE Stitched Square dies, one in Matt Gold (largest Die) and the other in Black card ( 2 sizes down).

I glued these onto my card base.

Step 2:

Using my Sizzix Wedding Wreath die set I cut out the wreath in Matt Gold and then a selection of the flowers from the set in black card.

I used my moulding mat and embossing tools to shape my flowers and then glued these together. With the roses, I used my tweezers to curl it together and then glued it to the base at the end.

Next, I wanted to add some colour to my flowers, so I used the gold pen from my Nova Metallic Markers set and also Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish in Gold Treasure.

I didn't go mad, I've just added little elements of colour.

Step 3:

Usually I mould my wreath before glueing onto my card, but decided not to and the card I used is not really mouldable, so I left it flat.

I used my Cosmic Shimmer glue to adhere it to the centre of my card.

Next I glued my flowers in random places on the wreath.

Using Matt Gold card, again I cut some of the small fern pieces from the Boujee Blooms die set.

I glued these around my wreath to finish it off.

Step 4:

Using the wreath die again, I cut 4 ends of the wreath in Matt Gold card and used these as my corner elements on my card.

I made sure I cut them all to the same length before gluing onto my card.

I added a black pearl to each corner too.

Step 5:

The final element is the sentiment.

I used theHappy Anniversary die, but of course it's up to you depending on the occasion.

I cut the die in white card 4 times and then once in Gold Mirri.

Using my fine nozzle glue pot, I layered all my white layers and then finished with the gold layer on top. I love doing this as it gives the feeling of a MDF style element to your card.

I glued this to the centre of the wreath and now my card was complete.

A nice simple card with no stress.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and want to say thank you for your continued support.

Have a great rest of this week and see you all next week.


Ian x

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