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DT - Lynn Lewis - Light House Weaving

Craftmania Design Team Member - Lynn Lewis - Second Project with the March 'Hand Picked By Jamie' Bundle

Ok, so I went off on a bit of a tangent with this does happen lol and decided I wanted to do some paper weaving. I haven’t done this for years but when you get a crazy idea you just have to go with it .

Let’s start with the plain dark blue and the mid green sheets of paper from the pad of the March bundle and dampen them with a mist sprayer on both sides then tap the 'Pixie sparkles, Peppermint Twist' and 'Green Bay' over the green sheet and spray again to activate , then do the same with the blue sheet with the 'Pixie Sparkles, Beyond blue' and 'Teal Marine' and put these to one side to dry. While waiting, using Black Archival Ink, stamp out the greeting ‘you are always on my mind’ from the bundle a couple of times on a scrap of white card plus 'Happy Anniversary' on another piece. Put these to one side for later. Now cut out the spikey section of the St Lucia die set, about three are needed. At this point Sue Wilson’s new 'Beach lighthouse' die from the stained glass collection was calling me from a pile of new crafty purchases at the end of my bench so I cut out the two inner parts of the lighthouse and the ring in black card then lightly rubbed over them with 'Silver Dream' metallic gilding polish. I should imagine the 'Beach Sailboat' from this collection would look equally as good as the lighthouse.....I'll add these to the waiting pile :)

If your papers are dry we can now cut them into 1.5cm strips(please don’t worry if your papers dried all bumpy, mine did and I think it adds a nice dimension to the background) I cut about 10 from each, as well as from a sheet of the light blue plain paper from the pad. You will see in the pictures you can just weave them together in any combination you want. Now you can either have the square and tuck all the edges on to the back to stick on an 8x8 card or you can do as I did and place the ring on to pull some out to give what sort of reminded me of the wooden groins that you would see sticking out of the sea - told you I went off on a tangent lol . Next I used the Sue Wilson stencil ‘Waves’, you don’t have to do this, it looks perfectly fine on a white card but I thought I would go for it. I used the Distress Inks - Evergreen Bough and Stormy Sky and pressed them both onto the same tile to use as a pallet then just swiped my applicator through both colours and stencilled just round the edges of the card. I’m not the worlds greatest at stencilling and more practice is needed but I liked it. If you’re happy with your paper weave just glue some of the middle strips together so it’s secure then stick it down on your card blank, don’t stick the edges down at this point as you need to tuck the frothy waves in lol .

I stuck the Lighthouse ring on next, then I padded the lighthouse and the bottom where all the rocks are but glued the top of that ring down . Now with your stamped out greeting ‘you are always on my mind’ cut out all the words individually they don’t have to be perfect and then lightly distress the edges with black ink I used black soot distress ink but any will do ,this is why I stamp out more than one in case I get too liberal with the black ink . Place these in the correct order down the side of the card . Then cut the frothy waves out of the St Lucia die, glue and tuck these in at random sticking down the loose edges as you go. Lastly, you should have a bit of the blue or green sparkly paper left to back the 'Happy Anniversary' greeting, just cut these to size and pad onto the card. It’s always a challenge making a male card but make it fun .

Lynn x Project & post by Lynn Lewis - Craftmania Design Team Member - Joined March 2022

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Mar 16, 2022

Love the weave and colours

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