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Weaving Die Set Bundle - Elegant Weave By Ian Rump-Smith

Updated: May 16, 2023

Elegant Weave By Ian Rump-Smith - Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Hello Crafters!

It has been a whole 2 days since I last blogged, so I'm delighted to bring a fresh new card design using one of two Fantastic Creative Expressions Dies.

As always, you can find the Shopping List for my creation at the end of the blog, at the bottom of this page.

So let's get started and show you how to make this card.....

I started with a 7x7 Card Blank for my base, as this size worked perfectly

Taking Creative Expressions Weaving Intermediate Craft Die and cut out twice; one in black card and the other in

I then used the Creative Expressions Weaving Die - Intermediate and cut out one in Craftmania's Silk Gold Mirror Card. Now for the fun part, where we start weaving our card...

Pull out the loose parts of both cuts, and using your gold base, start with a black strip and weave it in and out at the base of the cut. Now alternate with a gold strip and weave the opposite way to the black strip. As you go along, keep pulling each strip down to the previous strip to keep it all in proportion.

You will see it all coming together as you build the layers ~ it's a fascinating (and addictive) concept!!

When you get near the end you will run out of strips. So here you will see I have laid a piece of the required card onto the die, and cut approximately three strips to finish the weave. See my photo above.

Moving on, we now need to make our base and frame.

Here you will need a set of square nesting dies; I highly recommend Sue Wilson's Noble Stitched Squares as the stitching really compliments your weaving and gives a professional finish!

Select the correct size die which will cover the edge of the weaving, and then choose the next size up to cut one in white card and one in Matt black card. The white one will be your base.

Now using the smaller of the dies, lay this central on the black matt card and secure with a piece of low tack tape and run through your die cutting machine. This will now be your frame.

Next, using your Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, stick your weaved pattern onto the white card in the centre. (Don't worry if it looks untidy because once you lay your frame on top, it will hide any imperfections). Now using foam tape, (a narrow roll is best so don't over hang the frame) stick the frame in place and use the white base as a guide.

You can really see the transformation now!! Again, using your glue, stick the frame to the centre of our card base.


Here I have made flowers using a John Next Door Die Set together with Golden Sun Pearl Paper, as the finish matches perfectly with my card. I made one large and two medium flowers.

Use a moulding mat and an Embossing Tool in the centre of the flowers to give them dimension and then glue the layers together.

Then using the mat again, this time with a Piercing Tool, I made holes in the centre of each flower to accommodate my stamens... to give a real authentic look!

Trim your stamens to the desired length and then attach your flowers to your card using silicone or hot glue to firmly secure. Use my card as a guide for where to position your flowers, or create your own design. Add some black die cut leaves for extra detail.


For my sentiment, I have chosen Creative Expressions Wordies in white, which I have then mat and layered with gold and black. Attach to the centre of the card using foam pads.

Your card is now complete :-)

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to have a go yourself!

We have lots more in the pipeline to share with you, so follow us on our Facebook Page.

Ian x

Craftmania Shopping List.....





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