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Get to know the team... Louisa

We felt it would be lovely to let you get to know our incredible team a little better... So we have introduced 'Friendly Friday'... And over the last few Friday's we have been interviewing our incredible members of the Craftmania Family..But today brings us to our last one..

we have pinned down Louisa to pick her brains with some quick fire questions... Louisa is One of our lovely shop assistants and helps out in the stockroom from time to time. Keeping in with the family bussiness.. Louisa is Daniels (Jamie's Nephews) Long term girlfiend, and very much part of the family... One day we really should put up the family tree for our company lol. 1 - What’s your favourite craft?

I love making models and playing with inks

2 - What’s your favourite project you’ve completed?

Definitely my picture frame - the amount of love I put into it shows through I believe and it’s held up well!

3 - What craft have you tried and decided isn’t for you?

Probably knitting… I got very bored very quickly though I would probably try again one day

4 - What’s your favourite top tip?

Be patient with yourself and don’t compare your pace to others- what might take someone a few hours to complete may take you 6 months, and that’s completely okay!

5 - If you could only craft with 3 colours for the rest of your life… what would they be

Definitely lilac, sage and gold, they’re my 3 favourite colours and I love pastels so I could’ve said white but gold adds that bit more interest into whatever you’re creating

6 - What’s the worst crafting mishap you’ve had? Oh gosh… The first time I crocheted, I basically wasn’t dropping the stitches off the hook and was in a way knitting or doing Tunisian crochet on a regular short hook, no idea how I didn’t stop and clock it sooner

7 - How do you combat crafty brain fog? 

Go for a walk, I live near a nature reserve and I naturally am drawn to animals and plants, even if I hear a sound it could make an idea pop up!

8 - What colour do you tend to avoid while crafting? I try to avoid black.

9 - How would you describe your crafting style?

Chaotic and messy, no more said!!

10 - Go to card blank size?

6 x 6, it’s the perfect size in my opinion especially for when people keep their cards, not too big and not too small!

11 - Wet glue or double sided tape?

Wet glue, it’s more fun to peel that off your hands rather than rip tape off haha

12 - Gold or silver ?

Gold, much prettier and silver just reminds me of Christmas haha, plus you can add other colours to gold like pink to make a rose gold and it won’t look muddy or odd

13 - Favourite occasion/season to craft for?

Birthdays or an anniversary- perfect opportunity to make something memorable

14 - Favourite Die?

I loveeee this one! Anyone who knows me knows that I adore animals, especially dogs and I also love the floral effect within the die, very pretty! 15 - Favorite Product ? I love our pixie sparkles! They go lovely into most clay projects, they would make stunning pressed earrings for sure!

16 - Where do you find inspiration? 

I like to get inspiration from Pinterest, I like see how peple use the pens and spray them and blot onto the cardstock it’s stunning how it turns out but so easy to do! So i watch alot of YouTube too.

17 - What’s your favourite crafty storage hack? Old sweet tubs- I mainly use polymer clay which doesn’t air dry but use a clear plastic bag and use a hoover on cool create a vacuum seal, works a treat! Also keeping anything sharp or pointed safely away as well and making sure it’s all laid facing the same direction

18 - A piece of helpful advice you would give a new crafter?

Don’t be like me and try to overwhelm yourself with lots of different crafts and don’t think that it has to be a side hustle as it’s too much pressure, focus on one, get good at it, perfect it if you can and then go into selling online or at craft fares.

19 - What’s your favourite craft tool/gadget?

Very underrated but you can’t beat a rolling pin!

I have a Disney Stitch one for my clay and it works great as the roller turns itself

20 - What’s next on your crafty wish list?

I really want a pottery wheel one day but I also would need the space to do it… so for now I would like a little clay dryer machine, if not I have to battle for the oven!

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Hi Louisa, thanks for sharing your tips etc.


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Hi Louisa

very nice to get to know you .

had to laugh about the crochet 😂you need Karen xx

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