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Get to know the team... Lynn

We felt it would be lovely to let you get to know our incredible team a little better...

So we have introduced 'Friendly Friday'... And for the next few Friday's we will be interviewing another incredible member of the Craftmania Family.. Today we have pinned Lynn down to pick her brains with some quick fire questions... Lynn is one of our incredibly talented Design Team Members 1 - What’s your favourite craft?

I do love mixed media craft, a chance to get messy with cards, home decor etc. Closely followed by crochet

2 - What’s your favourite project you’ve completed?

Recently the Festive Collection Centre Piece.

You can check out my blog, and how it was made here -

3 - What craft have you tried and decided isn’t for you?


4 - What’s your favourite top tip?

Watch loads of videos and ask questions .

But if you want a crafty tip try to remember the tips you've seen lol .

5 - If you could only craft with 3 colours for the rest of your life… what would they be

Red - Purple -Green

6 - What’s the worst crafting mishap you’ve had?

Using my heat gun on my lovely varnished dining table the first time I did heat embossing 🙈

7 - How do you combat crafty brain fog?

I go out for walks or do some gardening it helps me to not think about things and clear my head .

8 - What colour do you tend to avoid while crafting?

Grey though when mixed with other colours it can be nice .

9 - How would you describe your crafting style?

Eclectic lol! I'm the same with music .

10 - Go to card blank size?

8" x 8"

11 - Wet glue or double sided tape?

Wet glue but tape has its uses .

12 - Gold or silver ?


13 - Favourite occasion/season to craft for?

Christmas mainly

14 - Favourite Die?

It’s the Rippled Poinsettia, now so versatile

15 - Favourite Product?

Any ink pads 16 - Where do you find inspiration?

It’s everywhere we just need to use our imagination sometimes.

17 - What’s your favourite crafty storage hack? Oh, recently I came across these cases - I use them for collections so I have bits ready to use and it’s portable.

18 - A piece of helpful advice you would give a new crafter?

Don’t take yourself too seriously and certainly don’t feel you’re not good enough we all started somewhere !

Don't be afraid of a product just use it !!!

19 - What’s your favourite craft tool/gadget ?

Stamping platform, it's a game changer

20 - What’s next on your crafty wish list? I would love to go on a crafting retreat somewhere ~ in a log cabin, with something different to make each day :-)

Thank you Lynn so much for giving us a little insight in to your crafty mind and what helps you create your amazing cards. If you have any questions for Lynn, pop them in the comments!

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