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Green Gables Frame - Vintage Flowers Bundle By Ian Rump-Smith

Green Gables Frame - Vintage Flowers Bundle By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania

Good Day All......

So who has given in to temptation and treated themselves to this fantastic bundle?

I'm loving working with it, and all its' beautiful papers... just hard to choose what to use first!

This is my last frame from the triple set, so I'll take you through the steps on how to make it.

Step 1

Here I used the 12x12 Misty Rose Paper, with the green flower side for my frame, and

Gloss Mod Podge.

▪️I pasted my front frame and then laid the paper over the top, making sure my frame was straight - (important if you don't want wonky flowers lol!!)

▪️Using a craft knife, I cut around the frame, as well as around the inside of the frame.

Step 2

▪️For the back panel, I used the reverse of the paper and covered it again with Mod Podge.

To glue this to the back, I used Ultra Sticky Double Sided Red Liner Tape as it's super strong.

Step 3

✅ In the bundle, you will find some little metal embellishments. I found these were perfect to put onto the back so you can hang your frame :-)

▪️Here you can use either a Glue Gun or Silicone Glue. If you like speed, then I would recommend using your Glue Gun!!

TIP - You can always do this last, however you need to be careful of your decorated front if you do it this way round!

Step 4

For the front top of the frame, cut out the Cherry Blossom Flower and Flourish Die twice from Silver Mirror Card. I used Woodware's Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator to apply my glue - brilliant for intricate dies like this!!

▪️Next I used a flower die set from my own collection.

Choose one of your favourites for this... I'll pop some examples in the Shopping List below

▪️Using the jade green card, along with some of the left over Misty Rose Paper, I cut out my flower pieces.

TIP - To make them look realistic, I used my Moulding / Shaping Mat with an Embossing Tool to add dimension to the petals. I then assembled them.

▪️For foliage, I used Creative Expressions Cosmos Flower Die Set - cut in a pale green.

Step 5

▪️Again using my Glue Gun, I adhered my flowers into place.

TIP - Play around with the positioning of the flowers, before sticking so you get an idea of how it will look!!

I added the foliage with gun after also.

▪️Taking the beautiful green ribbon from the Bundle, I made a double bow using my ribbon tool. Add this using the Glue Gun to the top of the inside frame.

HELP - If you haven't got a bow maker, don't panic lol!! Check out Jamie Rodgers brilliant YouTube Tutorial

▪️My last task was to choose a stamped sentiment... here you can choose anything you wish depending on who or what you are making it for!! Mine is one from Phill Martin.

I used an off white piece of card and then mounted onto a piece of olive coloured card.

I then used a white glue to add to the frame.

That is it! A nice simple frame that would make a fantastic gift for a loved one.

Thanks guys for joining me... I hope you have enjoyed my blog!!

Why not give it a try yourself and share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Take care and see you next time!!

Ian x

Craftmania Shopping List.....

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