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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ December Bundle - Flower Power By Lynn Lewis

Flower Power By Lynn Lewis - December Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle | Craftmania

Flower Power By Lynn Lewis - December's Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

Happy Saturday Crafters.

Today's card is one you create for a bit of fun and to bring a smile to the person you are giving it to!!

Creative Expressions Gillian Die set shouted "flower" at me, so I was excited to make this...

As always, you can find the Shopping List for my project at the bottom of this page.

For this card you will need :-

  • Sue Wilson's Gillian Die Set

  • Phill Martin's Chalkboard Paper Pad

  • Sue Wilson's French Marigold Die Set

  • Jamie Rodgers Sentiment Die Collection - Essentials 2 Set

  • Sue Wilson's Butterfly Delights

So to start with, cut out Creative Expressions Gillian Die using the outside edge, and then a backing piece, and the little centre piece on its own.

We also need to cut out :-

  • Two larger leaves from Sue Wilson's French Marigold Die set

  • One Happy Birthday Sentiment - from Jamie Rodgers Sentiment Set

  • Using Sue Wilson's Butterfly Delights, cut one tiny butterfly, two butterflies (next size up), along with bodies and antennas.

For the next step, we need to colour our 'Gillian' backing piece by using our Make Art Ink Pads

Start by blending Violet and Cactus Flower (see photos below) and then stick the 'Gillian' white front piece on top (see my photos below to help you).

Then add some Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue into the centre of the flower head, and sprinkle Cosmic Shimmer Diamond Snow Glitter Jewels on, and then leave to dry.

You can colour your butterflies at the same time, adding some Diamond Snow to their wings too. Once done, you can make them up and set them aside. I used a black pen to colour the antenna.

Moving back to our flower....

Colour the leaves with your Make Art Fern Green Ink Pad, and the 'Gillian' die cut centre with Sunflower Ink Pad. Then set aside.

To make the flower stem, cut a strip of thin card and colour again with the Fern Green ink.

Then roll up like a straw, and stick the ends down so it doesn’t unravel.

Now let’s make the card base....

Take a DL Slim Card Blank and then cut a piece of white card to mat. However, before sticking it onto the card, ink around the edges with your ink pads - in Violet and Cactus Flower, blending as you go. Once stuck on the card, take the black and white floral sheet from your Paper Pad and trim to create a mat. This will then go onto the layer you’ve already stuck down - stick on top.

Next, take your Gillian flower head and place foam roll on the bottom (I used two layers so the stem would fit under it) and adhere it to the top of the card base.

Then stick the stem in place (you can trim it down to fit) and then put some glue in the top of the stem and pinch together, before you stick it under the flower and down the card base.

Now add your French Marigold leaves and the yellow flower centre with glue.

For my sentiment, I used white card to cut it out and then backed it onto card coloured with the Violet and Cactus Flower inks .

  • TOP TIP - I found this awesome hack a couple of weeks ago that was posted on Creative Expressions Instagram. If you want to back your sentiments, draw round your actual die that you used to cut it out, and then fussy cut round the pencil lines. Don’t worry, you won’t see the pencil marks they are on the back.

Finally, colour with inks and add your sentiment. Position over the flower stem and glue.

And your card is finished!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial blog as it is a little fun, and it nice to be different :-)

You also have to the options to make this card flat to post, just by making the stem as usual, but flatten it and don’t add pads under the flower.

As always, we love to share our creations with you, so please share your creations with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Have an absolutely awesome Christmas week guys, and I look forward to catching up with you again next Saturday.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

Lynn x






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Dec 29, 2022

Great idea .

Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you 😊


Dec 24, 2022

Such a pretty card !

Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you ☺️


What a lovely card - like the colours you’ve used.

Dec 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you 💖

I am bias they are my favourite colours xxxx

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