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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ October Bundle - A Painted Christmas By Ian Rump-Smith

Painted Christmas By Ian Rump-Smith - October Hand Picked By Jame | Craftmania

Hello Fellow Crafters, and welcome to my last Blog of October.

I hope you've all had a good creative week, making lots of crafty creations....

I'm in my element at the moment, and have not stopped as trying to get ahead with a full agenda planned for November. I'm not sharing anymore lol, except to say - keep an eye on Craftmania's Facebook Page over the coming days and weeks :-)

So this week I thought I would try something different with October's Bundle!

Yes it is a Christmas card, but this one is a little bit special so keep reading..... I promise you'll enjoy this one, guaranteed!!!

As always, you can my Shopping List for this project at the end of the Blog.

To begin with, I took a 8x8 White Card Blank for the base, and a sheet of Craftmania's Satin Linen Gold Card, which I cut with Sue Wilson's Noble Double Stitched Square Die (Set B), to create my first mat.

Now, using the next two smaller dies from the set, cut one each from White Foundation Card and keep the small one aside. Using your Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, mat and layer the gold and white layers.

Now it's time some real fun with your Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles!!

If Pixies are a favourite of yours (like mine), then I'm sure you have your own way of working with them. My personal preference is to use them on my glass mat, and I know Jamie likes to work on a baking tray with a grill - both of these can be easily wiped clean after use with water!

Ok, for the next step you are going to take your small white square which you cut a little earlier.

Mist this with a couple of sprays of water on the back and about three on the front. This prevents your card from curling up as you are working....

Next we are going to need out Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles - Boulevard Lights and Red Oxide.

One at a time, tap both colours over the front of the card. Add more water or Powders until you get the desired effect.

  • TOP TIP : We want to leave some white areas on the corners, so don't cover the entire card as this makes it look more grungy and gives a paint splatter look.

Once you are happy with the effect, use a Heat Tool to dry your card, and then layer onto the card base (on top of your other mat and layers) using Double Sided Tape.

For the next stage, we need to repeat the above process onto a piece of white A4 card.

Once dry use Creative Expressions Open Poinsettia Die Set, to cut out each of the flowers and glue together.

  • TOP TIP - You can shape your flower petals by using a ball tool and a shaping mat. This gives your flowers a little more definition and makes them look quite realistic.

Once you are happy, pop these aside for later :-)

Moving on to the next part.....

We will use the Roxy frame from our October Bundle to cut the configurations below.

Using your base die, cut :-

  • ONE in Gold Silk Mirror Card

  • ONE in Smoke Parchment Card

  • ONE in Pixie Powder Card

Now take the outer flourish die, lay this onto the Gold Silk die cut, and use some low tack tape (such as Woodware Stencil Tape) to hold in place. Run this through your machine.

Repeat this for the Pixie Powder card as well.

  • IMPORTANT - Be very careful when taking this off your cutting plates as you don't want to loose any of the cut pieces.

Push out the flourish pieces from your Silk Gold die cut, and put aside in an envelope for another project.

Once you have done this, lay the small inner die in the centre and use low tack tape to secure and run through your machine.

Next using your Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, attach this piece on top of the Smoke Parchment die cut. The next part is very fiddly, so give yourself enough space to work (and make sure you are not in a draughty room lol).

Carefully poke the flourish pieces from your Pixie die cut onto a piece of dark card so they are easy to see. Now using your Woodware Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator Bottle, start to glue these pieces (paper piecing) into the appropriate shapes on the gold and smoke piece.

I found this to be very therapeutic actually.....

Stick your frame onto the centre of your card using some Foam Pads.

Now we are going to move onto our lovely Poinsettias!

Make TWO more poinsettias using the Smoke Parchment Card like we did before.

Once cut, and before shaping, choose any of the Stamps from Phill Martin's Bohemian Sentiment Stamps, to stamp onto your flowers.

I used Versafine Clair Morning Mist which is a nice shade of grey to compliment.

Now shape your petals and construct into two flowers.

Stick the four flowers onto your card, against two corners of tag with glue.

Here I added some centres to my Poinsettias, using Cosmic Shimmer 3D Coloured Glue in Old Gold and Black Pearl. Give yourself a little time to allow these to dry.

For my sentiment, I chose Sue Wilson's Festive Mini Expressions "Christmas Wishes."

Cut this from Gold Mirror Card and and then glue this inside your Roxy Frame at an angle so it fits in nicely.

Now for those all important finishing touches.....

Using the flourish of the Roxy Frame, die cut two identical flourishes in Gold Mirror Card and add to opposite corners to the flowers on the card.

I just cut two small pieces of card, and laid them over the flourish I wanted to cut.

If you are like me, I have a box full of off cuts to use for times like this....

A Painted Christmas By Ian Rump-Smith - Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Now your card is complete.... I hope you've enjoyed making it!!

I really love alternate Christmas cards and like to use different colours, away from the traditional colours. That is the magic of Pixie Powders, Pixie Sparkles and Pixie Bursts - they will always give you a different (and stunning) result with some amazing colours.

I would love to see how yours turns out, and what colour combinations you use :-)

Well that's me done for the October Bundle, so next time I see you, I will be back using the new fantastic November Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle. Trust me, it's sensational!

Have a fabulous week and see you all next Wednesday!

If you have been inspired by this make, and decide to have a go at your own design, we would love you to share it with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Thanks, Ian x










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Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers
Oct 26, 2022

Another amazing creation, thank you Ian :)

Replying to

Thank you Jamie 🙏


Lesley Tozer
Lesley Tozer
Oct 26, 2022

Stunning card and love that background

Replying to

Thank you 🙏


Sandra Robinson
Sandra Robinson
Oct 26, 2022

This is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!

Replying to

Thank you so much 😊


Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
Oct 26, 2022

What a surprise a Christmas card. Well done didn't think about Christmas. Will have to look at my other dies and see if they could be used for Christmas

Replying to

Thanks Wendy and just wanted to do something different and not use the Dragonfly lol this space lol

Jamie Rodgers Craftmania
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