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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ September Bundle - Starry Starry Night By Ian Rump-Smith

Starry Starry Night By Ian Rump-Smith ~ Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Hi All... I hope you are all well!!

I've had another busy week, but there is always time to fit in some crafting!!

I've challenged myself again, this time by turning my hand to cracker making....

Yes, as you know me by now, I love a good tease, but I promise all will be revealed very soon!!

So how have you been getting on with September's Bundle so far?

They are fantastic and give you so many options, and if you are like me, if you collect the Bundles as you go along, you can start to mix and match too!!

Remember the aim of my tutorials, is to give you the tools and some ideas to play with, but it would be great to see creations with other colour variations or tweaks on the design, which you can pop onto our Facebook Group. Don't be shy... no matter what your crafting ability, just give it a go!!

Now, I do love my pastel shades for Christmas as you may have guessed lol.

This weeks' tutorial focuses on a fairly easy card, however I wanted to challenge you as well, so let's go for it!!!

The shopping list for this card can be found as always, at the end of my blog at the bottom of the page.

I love working on bigger card blanks, so we are starting with an 8x8 White Card Blank.

For the first part, you will need your Creative Expressions Noble Round Corner Squares Die Set,

Using the largest die which will create your back layer, cut out a square from Silver Mirror Card and set aside.

Now we need to make our frames.

For these I used two sheets of white card, and one sheet of off white card (you can use a subtle cream if not). The main take away point, is that you want to have a contrast between the them, so their is a visual difference. For example, Foundations card in Bright White and Coconut White.

Here I used the off-white card to make the inner most frame, and the way these work is that this frame sits wider inside the frame as it goes down.

Using the 2nd largest frame, cut out a square from each piece of card.

As a guide for the inside cuts, I used three dies down for the outer frame, and then used two lower for each of the other two frames.

Set these aside once cut.

For the next step, we will be using Sue Wilson's Stardust Background Die.

You need to cut this from a sheet of smooth white card that can take Distress Oxide Inks

Once you have done this, take a Blending Brush and your Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Tumbled Glass, and colour (don't worry about making it overly neat).

  • NOTE - the colour will darken around the circles which is what we want, so dont darken anywhere else.

Now this is where the fun really starts.....

  • TIP - Using Glitter And Flakes

  • Take a scrap sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half, and then flatten back out. Use this sheet when working with your glitter and flakes. Once you've finished, you can carefully fold back in half to create a funnel and pour any excess back into your pot.

For the next part, you will need a Double Sided Adhesive Sheet.

Cut this to the size of your background, and stick the inked panel to the front of this sheet.

Place your newly cut background onto the paper, rub the Woodware Magic Anti-Static Pad over it, and sprinkle some silver glitter on top.

Using your finger (or a Woodware Sponge Applicator works well) move your glitter around, covering all the holes on the die cut. Tip off any remaining excess and set aside.

Tip the remaining glitter carefully back into the pot.

Now stay with me for the fiddly part I was talking to you about earlier...and take your time!

Using white card, trace three star shapes from the Sentimentally Yours Star & Christmas Tree Aperture Stencils (from your Bundle).

Repeat this process again, but this time using Silver Mirror Card and cut out all six pieces.

Next, you need to colour the white stars using with your Distress Oxide Ink - Worn Lipstick, using a Blending Brush.

Next is the tricky part!

We need to make the stars slightly smaller so they can sit with a silver border.

Here I used a metal ruler and craft knife to cut a slither off and cut to the indicators as seen in the photo. Turn the star each time, and repeat until all sides are done and all three of your stars are trimmed.

If you can think of an easier way or quick wins for this then please do share :-)

For the next step, you need to stamp and heat emboss onto the stars using Cosmic Shimmer - Aurora Embossing Powder - Lapis Cobolt.

Take your Woodware Sparkly Bauble's Stamp set and stamp with VersaMark Embossing Ink Pad randomly over all of the stars.

  • TIP - Make sure your Heat Tool isn't too close to your card, as it will curl if it gets too hot!

Adhere the stars onto the silver stars. With your front star, use an embossing tool to crease down the centre.

Now glue them together slightly off set for each star as in the photo. Set aside.

Starry Starry Night ~ September Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

We are now close to the assembly stage, but just one more job to do and that's the messy one!

Using your Red Liner Tape, make a frame around the outside of your base card.

One strip at a time, remove the backing from the tape and sprinkle some Cosmic Shimmer Red Velvet Mica Flakes and press down.

Repeat all sides and tap any loose bits off and return unused mica to the pot.

Every card needs a sentiment.... so for this I've chosen a nice simple one.

On a small piece of white card use the Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Worn Lipstick to shade.

Then, take your Versafine Clair Nocturne Ink Pad, stamp out your Happy Christmas sentiment from the Woodware Christmas Street Stamp set and cut to size.

Now to create your matting and layering for your sentiment.

With a Blending Brush and using your Distress Oxide Ink Pad -Tumbled Glass, blending your ink onto a piece of white card slight bigger than the sentiment.

Glue together and cut around the edge to make a small border.

Assembling Your Card

Now we bring all the elements together.....

Stick the silver square to the middle of the card base.

Next get the inner most frame (the off-white one) and using some foam tape, attach it to your Stardust Background. Now peel off the backing from the background, and position on top of the silver square.

Next, take your glue and stick by applying your glue all the way around the inside.

Attach the next frame and then repeat for the outer mist frame.

Now for your star element.

Glue the star central in the middle of the background and pull the front star forward.

Add your sentiment to the bottom of the frame in the centre with some foam tape to give it some dimension.

Here for some finishing touches, I added some pearls from my stash to the top left and bottom right of the frame (this is optional).

Starry Starry Night Card By Ian Rump-Smith ~ Jamie Rodgers Blog | Craftmania

Your card is complete!!!!!

I really hope you have enjoyed making it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message and I will reply as soon as I can.

As always, there is nothing we like more than to see your take on our creations, so please share on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you all next week with my next tutorial!

Take care,

Ian x







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Great idea Ian I love the depth the round corner squares give the whole project 😊


Thank you and never done those frames so good to try new things myself :)


Lesley Tozer
Lesley Tozer

wow a lot of work has gone into this one and it's a winner in my eyes, brilliant thank you for giving us something else to think about.


Thank you and think I set myself a challenge with this one lol. In different colour variations I think it will look good.


Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters

I like the idea of making one star smaller than the other to give it a border. We'll done


Tha is hun and that was the most difficult part to do but just gives better definition

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