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Iced Cupcakes

I love how clean and simple this card turned out, its also super easy to do thanks to these amazing layering dies. Background - Tape down the basket weave stencil to a piece of teal card stock and apply Luna Paste - Moonlight Silver over the stencil with a palette knife. Remove stencil and leave to dry. Cupcake - This die set is a lovely one to work with because it has lots of openings in the die to ink through & emboss! First of all cut your die, run through with a rubber mat to emboss the details. Keep your cut inside the die and flip it over, using a blending brush.. apply Warm Breeze - Versaclair ink over the die on the frosting. Then with the wrapper (cut from teal card stock) and the frosting, using a blending brush add the Luna Paste - Moonlight Silver through the gaps in the die in a circular motion... This will add a beautiful shimmer to the top of your card stock for the wrapper and a shimmer over the top of the ink lines on the frosting.

I hope you enjoy this post, please share your creations with us in our group...

Jamie -x-

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