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Jamie Rodgers Fairy Village ~ A New Year by Lynn Lewis.

Hi Crafters,

I decided to make a calendar today using the Fairy Village collection. I think sometimes we forget just how handy our cardmaking supplies can be for home decor.

Step 1:

From the Floral Dwellings set you will need to cut... x2 of the flower beds

x1 of the tree house x2 of the other house x2 of the swirls x2 toadstools

x1 of each of the butterfly and dragonfly

x2 big clouds

x1 small of each of the Faries but not the Ballerina.

Next, from the woodland Dwellings set cut... x1 tree

x6 lengths of grass on the edge of panels of card.

x2 need to be the same size as the calendar pad lengthwise .

Then from the Magical Door set you will need the big toadstool.

These are all cut out in white card.

Step 2

Take a piece of thick card and cut it to approximately 7x9 1/4 inches.

Then take a sheet of water colour card and cut it to the same size.

Next, take a pale turquoise blue pen from the nova brush tip pens and as I’ve done before scribble it onto a tile and with a damp sponge dab it over the watercolour card until it covers about half.

When dry stick to the thick card.

Now take your grass strips and colour them with the light green nova metallic pen, the same technique but instead of dabbing wipe it across the card. Take the same pen and just sweep it up the grass blades.

Next, using the metallic pens colour in all the elements you’ve cut out as seen.

Step 3:

Take the largest two pieces of grass and stick them to the bottom edge only of the base you can trim them to fit first then tuck in the flowers and stick them down on their bottom edge

Then keep doing the layers as seen next grass then houses and swirls with toadstools then the last grass with house and tree.

Once you are happy with your layers you can stick them all down properly and add your Fairies and clouds.

Step 4:

Stick the calendar pad to the centre of the bottom grass, you will see it covers the join nicely.

Then take a piece of ribbon and stick on the back of your calendar as a loop with a hot glue gun then take a piece of card and stick across the back to secure the ribbon.

I do apologise for the lack of pictures - this time I woke up and got the idea and you know how it goes then time just gets away from me.

Well actually I’ll blame Zoe, she put the idea in my head lol.

So there we have a calendar. I think it’s quite lovely, not everyone wants a big calendar and just think of all the different pictures you can make and it’s not an expensive gift either.

Happy crafting,

Lynn x

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