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Jamie Rodgers Wings Of Wonder Collection VII - Layered Easel By Ian Rump-Smith

Jamie Rodgers Wings Of Wonder Collection VII - Layered Easel By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania

Hello again fellow Crafters.....

Having a little return to one of my favourite recent Collections' ~ Jamie Rodgers Wings Of Wonder Collection Part 2 featuring the Butterfly Square Frame Die Set.

I don't make enough easel cards.... I really love them! So let me show you how I made this elegant little card :-)

▪️The made my card base I created using Cream Maya Card, cut to 6x6. You could also use an Ivory card blank if you wish.

Fold and score the front of the card in half and then score the spine of the card again.

▪️Using the die set, cut 2 sets of the large outer die - one in Pearl Cream Card and the other in matt gold card.

▪️Once cut out, lay the large butterfly layer on top of the gold layer, and secure with low tack tape. Run through your die cutting machine.

Using Woodware's Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicator, add glue to the back of the gold layer and then stick to the cream layer.

✅ TIP - Use a sheet of kitchen towel on top of your layers and press down, to prevent any glue getting on yours hands ( and then marking the matt gold card).

This really helps also when using mirri card! If you haven't got an Adhesive Eraser in your stash, it's also worth considering for those oops moments lol.

▪️Now, glue the butterfly panel onto the half scored front of your card, and leave a level border around the edge.

▪️For the centre square we will repeat the same colours as the larger square, and then glue this layer to the centre. The small top square is cut from the cream card; glue down and this is the main part done.

▪️For my sentiment, I chose Creative Expressions Shadowed Mini Expressions Die -

"Happy Birthday."

I cut the back panel out of Gold Mirri Card, and the words are cut out of cream.

I used foam tape to give a little dimension to the front of the card.

Inside Of The Card

▪️I used the large butterfly frame die, cut out of Silk Mirri Card.

▪️Just cut it with one side missing, as it only need 3 sides.

Once cut out, carefully cut off the outside border.

🚨Make sure you round off your swirls, and don't just leave them flat!!

Snip off any odd bits and then using white card, cut the inner panel from the smaller square die.

▪️For the stopper, I cut the single butterfly 3 times in white card and once in Silk Mirri Card.

Glue together and end with the gold layer on top.

Glue this about a third way centrally on the white panel.

For those all important finishing touches, add a few pearls.....

An elegant card that is easy to make and can be tried in various colour ways.

Thanks for joining me guys and I'll be back with you soon.

Take care

Ian x

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Another amazing card- your tutorials are easy to understand and you are so creative.

Thank you!

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