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Spellbinders Design Team ~ Bursts Of Colour By Lynn Lewis

Spellbinders Design Team ~ Bursts Of Colour By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hi everyone.

Today I have made another of the Spellbinders shutter cards using the pixie bursts.

It’s not dissimilar to the previous ones, it’s just that I have used different mediums.

Step 1

As of before please watch this video, it makes life so much easier for you

Step 2

Take an A4 sheet of card and spray both sides with water then tap on your chosen Pixie Bursts.

I used quite a lot of Orange Slice and a touch of Cut Grass.

Leave to dry .

Then cut out all your 5x7 frames including the one from the Pixie Bursts as shown in the video.

You will get the frame, the backing panel(which is the centre of the frame waste bit) filigree panels, pull bar and the sentiments plus butterflies from this one sheet.

The contrasting card is black non shed glitter card that adds a lovely sparkle.

Step 3

Make up the mechanics of the card as shown in the video then assemble the frames on .

Once it’s all secure you can add on all the shutter panels front and back and butterflies plus the pull bar at the top behind the top frames .

Step 4

Cut out from Jamie Rodgers Essentials Sentiments - Happy Birthday and With Love on the Pixie Burst card and stick on the reverse of the shutters as seen in the pictures make sure they are the correct way up.

Now stick the Pixie Burst centre panel to the centre of a 5x7 card blank then fit and stick your shutter frame around the panel.

Make sure you are not too liberal with the glue as you don’t want to get it on your shutters.

Step 5

To finish, take some Stickles glitter glue in gold and go all the way around the card frame & jazz up the butterflies .

I wasn’t sure whether to leave it at that point but then I spotted the gold striped lurex ribbon that’s on the website and decided to put a small bow at the top with a gem in the centre ..

As you can see the die set lends itself to all sorts of styles and designs, I would love to see how you get on with it so please share on the Create With Craftmania & Jamie Rodgers Facebook Group.

Take care

Lynn x

Craftmania Shopping List...... Die Sets

Pixie Bursts


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