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Spellbinders Spotlight ~ A Pocket of Love By Lynn Lewis

Spellbinders Spotlight ~ A Pocket of Love By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania

Hello Crafters....

I hope you are enjoying these Spellbinder dies, they are quite different and so easy to work with!

Today I’m making another envelope gift card, however this one is a little different to the first one, so keep reading :-)

▪️To begin with, I cut out a plain whole envelope using Oakwood Pearl Copper card.

Then again in the copper, I used the same die, but this time I placed the decorative die at the bottom.

It should fit up against the edge of the other die - then cut this out.

▪️Next using Oakwood Pearl Rose Gold card, I cut out an inner piece using the same decorative die in the top.

▪️I then cut out 4 flowers from both the copper card and the rose gold card. I also die cut my leaves and sentiment from the rose gold card.

▪️My "With Love" sentiment was taken from Jamie Rodgers' Sentiment Collection - Essentials 2 Set.

▪️Next make up the envelope by burnishing all the score lines, folding and sticking the side bit behind.

▪️Take the plain copper piece and trim down to fit inside the envelope, and stick it so that the holes line up with one another.

▪️Repeat this with the decorative rose gold piece, and stick that down in the envelope too.

▪️Create your flowers and stick these onto the envelope as seen, along with the sentiment at the bottom.

▪️To finish, take a 6x6 white blank card and cut one of Sue Wilson's Noble Scalloped Square dies to fit and then glue it on. Take the envelope and with foam pads, stick this onto the card.

For those special finishing touches, add some pearls.....

✅ To help, you can also find instructions on the backs of these die packs :-)

Something you may also like to try, and a lovely personal touch, is to add a special photo inside the envelope....? Just an idea, but I'd love to see what you come up with, so please share with us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Have fun & Take care,

Lynn x

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Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
12 jun 2023
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

I can see a gift voucher tucked into that. Beautiful x

Me gusta
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