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The Joy Of Low Tack tape - Flower Edition!

So this is one of my all time favourite top tips...

So many dies contain multiple pieces, like flowers for instance... A set can easily have 10-15 dies... In truth you will probably want to cut the majority of them every time you send one through your machine (possibly not them little centre bits... But the rest.. Most likely).

I love flower dies.. But when I want a million flowers cut it does my head in keep picking each one up and replacing it on the mat... now I know some brands do the dies all joined together... but I’m a tricky customer lol... I don’t like that either as you can’t opt to leave a size out or cut more of just one size if you wish... Anyways, my solution is low tack masking tape...

Line the dies up as you wish, upside down (I tend to opt for a strip for easy placement on cardstock and a good fit for my mini machine) - Cut Easy Mini Starters Kit | Craftmania ( As a line of tape across where needed (layer it two of three times for strength) You can still poke the pieces out through the tape and it’ll speed up the placement of your dies.

If you find the tape sticks or damages your card... dust your anti static pad -Magic Anti-Static Pad | Craftmania ( - over the tape or add another layer of tape over the top of the dies face down(sandwiching the dies between the tape) but be warned this will make lots of little bits of tape that need to be picked off the dies if you ever want them to be completely clean again.

Anyways, just a little snippet I thought you might appreciate... Please feel free to share your tips in the comments... I love to see all your tips and tricks

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