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Top Tips - Score Board

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

What you will need for this top tip - Score Boards | Craftmania Quickie Glue Pen | Craftmania ( Choice of Glitters, Flakes, Mica Powders (All available on the website) Ok, I think this is a complete game changer... I can't believe I haven't thought of this already!

So many of you may have seen before that I like to add scored panels to my cards instead of using plain card, so i'll take a matt or layer and place it face down on a scoreboard and score at every 0.5cm or half inch... etc.. to create pin stripe backgrounds.

I often do this if I feel the card needs a little more texture/depth/interest but I don't want to introduce another colour/pattern or anything as deep as an embossing folder, basically I don't want to steal the show from the main focal items on the card.

Welllll...It hit me the other night.. why not use my score board to help me create foiled/glittered/mica etc pin stripes... I have tried with a rule before and trying to work equally spread the lines out without getting the rule in the way or dragging the glue as you move the rule away... just ended up in chaos lol.. So to do this... pop your card on the score board face up.. Use a Quickie Glue pen to score/draw in your required lines...

Remove the panel from the board and add your product of choice...

Rich Gold Pixie Powder - Yes! Pixie Powder is mica powder and although needs water to react/ adhere if used on its own... on top of a glue base (Quickie Glue pen in this instance) it will give you a lovely pearl line... now do be warned with pixie powders... when using them in this way the card between the lines may take on a little of the colour from the powder that is difficult to remove.. it tends to be even.. so your base card gets a little golden highlight for instance... carry on scrolling down to see another version of this where the card has a slightly red hint to it.

This time I have scored/glued odd lines, added the glitter then popped in more scored/glued lines for another colour of glitter... then repeated until the sheet was complete..

This was using - Glitterbits - Golden Sand, Apple Red, Hunter Green You will also notice in my haste to play I didn't let each line dry in between colours so some are a little mixed.. But to be honest I rather like this.

Unlike the last one which was rather full on... this may be a little more stylish for Anniversary cards, Birthdays etc... Glitterbits Golden Sand - I love the vintage feel to this... if you want more filled in lines repeat the glue line and add more glitter once the first layer is dry/

Build up your layers! so this is every 0.5cm... done to create a lattice!

Pixie Powders - Lava Red & Rich gold

Now I mentioned earlier the colours may distress your card stock, this piece started off as white and now has a light red tone to it... I actually like this!

Now this photo shows in my haste I made a few unequal squares along the way lol... I personally never worry too much about these things.. it is after all handmade! But it also depends on what your intended use for the panel is...

Here are a few samples I have created with the panels..... Using the Big Bold Craft Dies -

While doing some simple pictures for this post.. It hit me.. how about a border...

Aurora Flakes - Confetti

Gilding Flakes - Golden Flakes I hope you enjoy this Top Tip and find it helpful in your crafting. I can't wait to see your creations with this style! Please do make sure you pop your creations up on our Groups/Pages... Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania & Jamie Rodgers Jamie Rodgers Crafts - jamie rodgers crafts - search results | Facebook Jamie -x-

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I love using score board. Great idea's.


Lesley Tozer
Lesley Tozer
12 juil. 2021

Love this idea thanks for sharing 😁

Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers
31 juil. 2021
En réponse à

Thank You :)

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