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Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Lace Butterfly By Jamie Rodgers

Wings Of Wonder Collection - Lace Butterfly Card Blog By Jamie Rodgers | Craftmania

Hello All....

So today I thought we would create an elegant card, that could be used for so many different occasions, which is super simple to make!!

▪️Take an A5 Double Sided Adhesive Sheet and layer it onto a piece of card. Remove the other side of the adhesive sheet, and sprinkle on Cecilia Gold - Mineral Mica.

▪️Take the Moroccan Lace Border Die and cut this into the Mineral Mica covered panel, using the top and bottom blade to cut the lace free.

▪️Move the dies up, interlocking them into the original cut, and cut again to extend the design.

▪️Trim the lace down to 7½ inches, and attach it to a panel. Here I have used Foundations Coconut White Card (cut to size - 7½ inches x 5 inches)

▪️Layer this on to a piece of Gold Mirror card (measuring 7¾ inches x 5¼ inches)

▪️Add a layer of black card underneath these panels (measuring 8 inches x 5½ inches)

▪️Layer this stacked set of panels onto a card blank (8¼ inches x 5¾ inches)

▪️Using a section from your off cut (from the Mineral Mica panel), cut out a sentiment panel. Here I used the background element from my Pierced Festive Wishes from my own Creative Expressions Pierced Collection.

▪️Die cut the same sentiment panel again, this time from a piece of black card.

▪️Cut the Mineral Mica sentiment panel down the middle and glue it underneath the black sentiment panel - leaking out from the top and the bottom, to give a more prominent sentiment panel.

▪️Die cut your sentiment from Gold Mirror Card, and glue it on to the sentiment panel

▪️Die cut the Grand Butterfly Die..... Place the die onto the plate, place the gold mirror card on next, then a piece of black card on top of this.

TOP TIP - You should find that because we are asking the machine to cut through two layers in one pass through the machine. It will cut the gold one perfectly, engrave the black butterfly details, but will cut the edge you can pop out the black butterfly that is filled in (and looks engraved).

▪️Glue the black and the gold butterflies together and then add foam pad onto the card.

I hope this has given you some inspiration... I would love to see your makes, so please share with us on my Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

Jamie -x-





Also Available For Intricate Die Cuts

Also Available In A4 Size


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Mar 11, 2023

Love this 💕

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