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Wings Of Wonder - Mineral Mica Lattice

I thought we would have a little look at this card, it’s rather easy to do to be honest..

- Take a piece of Antique Gold Pearl card and cut the Moroccan Lace Border die in to it without either of the outside edges.

- Then put the same die on to the piece of card from the other direction, so that the dot cut out the mat are at the very top of the design interlocking with the first cut from step one.

- Once this has been die cut, trim the panel down so you have an equal amount cut away from the top and bottom of the panel to make a piece of card that is 5” wide by 6.25” long

- Then cut a piece of coconut white card to the same size and attach the filigree antique gold panel to it.

- I’ve then added a 0.5” white ribbon around the middle of the panel.

- Moving up to our next level, cut a piece of coconut white card to a 4.25” square and foam pad it on to the card.

- Now it’s time to get out the BRAND NEW - Mineral Micas... I’ve chosen the Gran Perla for this project.

I’ve taken a 4”x4” piece of self adhesive sheet and attached it to a piece of card, then removed the top and covered it with the Mineral Micas.

- Now die cut the Moroccan Lattice die from the panel

- Cut a 4”x4” Antique Gold panel and glue on the lattice and then glue on to the panel of coconut white already on the card.

- Die cut two Grand Butterflies from coconut white card and attach them to the panel with foam tape

- Die cut the sentiment panel from Coconut White card and foam pad on to the panel.

- Die Cut the sentiment from Antique Gold card and glue on to the sentiment panel

- To finish off, add a couple of layers of card on to your card blank and attach the panel..

Card blank - 5.75”x7”

Antique Gold Card - 5.5”x6.75”

Coconut White Card - 5.25”x6.5”

Dies used -

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