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The Stamp Easy stamping tool by Vaessen Creative has been designed to make with crafters in mind and makes stamping easier and more precise.  


It has a spring mechanism which means it is suitable for stamps of different heights, ranging from 2.3 mm to 8.5 mm.

It is compatible with most clear stamps and cling stamps, which stick effortlessly to the transparent stamping plate.


Ideal for layered stamping, or repeat printing where re-inking is needed to give full coverage.


  • Product Dimensions -  23.50cm x 20cm
  • Stamping Area - 220 mm x 166 mm
  • Base is fully magnetic and has a non-slip surface
  • Both the transparent stamping plate and the magnetic base, the paper alignment is indicated in cm and inches.

Vaessen Creative - Stamp Easy - Stamp Platform

SKU: 2137-033
£26.99 Regular Price
£22.94Sale Price