The latest Stamping Gadget!

this very impressive tool comes with 2 magnets to hold your card/ paper in place while stamping, it also comes with a removable foam plate in the middle of the press, you keep the foam in place to stamp with clear stamps and remove it to stamp with rubber stamps.

The bonuses to this stamp press verse many others is the fact it has a handle, when batch stamping you will appreciate this! it also has a engraved grid on the top and base, unlike many brands that just have a imple screen printed one that wipes off with time. Another feature is the rule around the edges as both centimeters & Inches marked on it.

If you wish to see this tool in action watch our Sunday Showcase video on it from 22nd October 2017 - sadly the offer has ended now but the demos may help show you just why you need this amazing tool ;)

Stamp press


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