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Glitter Kiss - 
Cosmic Shimmer have several products that come in this style of jar - Lustre, Opal, Metallic & Glitter Kiss - please click through and read what the difference is between each product - the Jar however stays the same - we have a brilliant glass base with plastic lid, on the top of the lid we have a built in applicator that you can just pop out. 
Maintenance with all of these products -  When you have finished using the product, spritz a couple of pumps of water in the product and on to the applicator before storing - this will prevent the product and the sponge drying out. 
Glitter Kiss - Now glitter kiss is a slightly different product compared to the other products that come in this style of jar... Glitter Kiss is actually an ultra fine glitter suspended in a clear glue. To use this product to create a full on glitter card effect will take a little more effort, but is well worth it! Start off by using the applicator to swipe the product along your card in one direction, once you have covered the area as large as you wish... leave it to dry (or speed it up with a heat gun) then twist your card 90 degrees and swipe across the area again... repeat this process 4 or 5 times.. as you apply the levels you will see the glitter cover the card to create a stunning glitter card effect! - Do the same over embossed card! Or brush over die cuts, or flowers to create lovely glittery embellishments.  

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