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Opal Polishes - 
Cosmic Shimmer have several products that come in this style of jar - Lustre, Opal, Metallic & Glitter Kiss - please click through and read what the difference is between each product - the Jar however stays the same - we have a brilliant glass base with plastic lid, on the top of the lid we have a built in applicator that you can just pop out. 
Maintenance with all of these products -  When you have finished using the product, spritz a couple of pumps of water in the product and on to the applicator before storing - this will prevent the product and the sponge drying out. 

Opal Polish - Ohhh do we have a surprise for you! Opal polishes are chocked full of interference  mica... meaning that when you use them on different colours of card you will get VERY different effects! For instance Golden flamingo... on white card, will give you lovely flamingo pink finish... pop the same product on to black card... and WOW! We have a gold polish!!  

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