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Mister Collection


Revolutionary production creates airless fill, designed to prevent air and bubble blockage in the nozzle. Innovative bottle design makes it easy to hold. It can also be sprayed from any angle. The more force used when pumping the finer the mist will be. So many ways to use can be used to stamp, paint and colour mediums. Suitable for use on any porous surface such as card, papier mache, paper, canvas and many other craft projects.
Bottle size 50ml.


Spray directly on porous surfaces for quick, easy ink coverage. Mist with water to blend colour and create mottled effects.
Spray through stencils, layer colours, spritz with water and watch the colour mix & blend.
Spray Stains coordinate with the
Distress palette of products.
2 oz bottle


Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Spray is a dye and pigment ink fusion that creates oxidized effects when sprayed with water. Use for quick and easy ink coverage on porous surfaces. Spray through stencils, layer colours, spritz with water and watch the colour mix and blend.


Dina Wakley Media Gloss Spray is an opaque acrylic spray that dries to a glossy finish. Spray into Media Journals, onto Chipboard Shapes, Media Board and other porous surfaces. Gloss Sprays are water-soluble when wet, permanent when dry. 


Sam’s Botanical Spray is a water-based dye ink inspired by vibrant hues from natural plant dyes. Immerse yourself in authentic colours while exploring crafting techniques on various surfaces like card, paper, canvas, and fabric. Simply pump the ink onto your project and let it dry.


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