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Paint, Paint & More Paint... 


Crafter's Acrylics are all-purpose paints, ideal for students, general arts and crafts and home décor projects. These value-priced acrylics are designed to brush out smoothly and evenly, covering in one or two coats.

  • Available in Matte, Satin and Multi-Surface finishes

  • Consistent two-coat coverage

  • Light-fast pigments

  • Smooth brushing consistency

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Water-based


A water based one step crackle paint for use in interior design and paper crafting projects. As simple as paint and and watch it work, this paint creates detailed textured with a stroke of a brush.


Create amazing effects with this water based fabric paint. Available in a variety of sparkling shades, with lustre and shimmer varieties. Personalise your favourite fabrics to create unique designs.


Jane is on a mission to introduce everyone to their creative side. Jane’s products are designed to hold the hand of beginners and to help expand the possibilities for the more experienced crafter and artist, a real talent with a love of colour. This paint has been developed with that in mind bringing you a uniquely formulated ultra-matte acrylic paint crafted to use as a bright velvety base. The velvety finish makes all forms of media behave at their colourful best. Great to use for upcycling projects to create a vintage effect. It can be used to stamp with and as a base for collage sheets


Cosmic Shimmer Special Effect Paint Kits are a unique water-based textured paint, which enables you to add vintage style on your crafting projects. Each Kit contains 5 x 30ml colour pots. Adding each colour individually gives you control of how strong the final effect is going to be. The metallic colour always goes last to highlight the features and add a bit of authenticity to any project.


Matt Chalk Paint It is a water based flat matt acrylic paint designed for use in craft and interior design projects. Create beautiful chalk paint effects with these paints. Can be applied with a brush, sponge, roller or rubber stamp. Water clean-up. 50 ml bottle.


Artist Pigment Paints – the superior quality of these paints is due to very high artist pigment content. Like the best artist paints, they contain natural pigments, these paints are transparent. They are free from matting agents and fillers; this gives a high-quality paint that is both transparent and vibrant. They are water based, and archival quality.
If you want an opaque paint, they can be mixed with theCosmic Shimmer Chalk Paints. 50ml bottle.


These paints are a premium water based shimmering acrylic glaze designed for use in craft and interior design projects. Shimmer Paints create iridescent and shimmering colourful effects when applied on to any porous surface. Can be applied with a brush, sponge, roller or rubber stamp.



Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour Paints are a range of shimmering paints that have an iridescent sheen that catches the light giving a sparkling effect when painted on card, paper, crafts, walls and furniture. Mist with water before use, adding more water depending on depth of colour required for project. Some colours will look different on black/white card.
The essentials set produces a matt effect.


A vibrant, fluid watercolour ink that is suitable for a wide range of colouring techniques. The inks are transparent & dye-based, perfect for creating washes or details on projects. You can re-wet the ink so that you can continue to alter your project later. Each colour comes in a bottle with a handy fitted pipette, offering great control for accurately mixing colours or for dropping colour straight onto a palette or artwork. Use for painting, illustration, calligraphy, and lots more. 20ml bottle


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