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For The Love Of Flowers - Speckled Effect

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So this is our first look in to the world of flowers. Now you may well have seen me confess on TV my knowledge of flowers is rather poor to say the least lol... but you will struggle to find many cards I have created without a flower somewhere! I absolutely love them when it comes to paper craft, I suppose in truth its because there are no real rules and secondly.. most importantly... they don't die lol. So for our first flower I wanted to share a recent technique I come up with that will strike you as a little odd! For this you will need -

So first of all lets grab the roly tool and the ink... roll the roly tool through the ink.. Now you may be thinking at this point... is that what a roly tool is intended for? NO... its meant for cleaning out die cuts.. simply roll the tool over your die once it is cut and it will remove all the waste elements out of the actual die.

Back to it... roll the tool through the ink, get a nice covering of the bristles (this ink will easily wash off so don't worry about damaging the bristle or the tool). Now roll over your card of choice..

build up these dots as much or as little as you wish, don't be afraid to mix colours too!

once you have your card as speckled as you wish.. die cut it out...

Now lets bring back that ink... and your smoothie, and add a little colour around the edges of the flower.

Now shaping your flower.. This is such a fun flower to shape and play around with, for this flower I am going to use a pair of tweezers to crimple the petals, especially with these flowers, the embossed lines on the petal really do help to form the crimping

Now repeat this and build in to beautiful flowers...

TOP TIP - Add a clear glitter product such as - Frosty Sparkle - Glitter Kiss | Craftmania ( or

A few more cards to give you a little floral inspiration..

I hope you enjoy this technique and please don't forget to share your creations using this technique with us on - (6) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook & (3) Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook Jamie -x-

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