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Swirled Shimmer - Part 2

This one is a slightly different technique that I have been playing with... I'm not 100% confident on this one at this stage.. but I'll share it with you so you can play too! Normally when we work on acetate with pixies we need to put down a product to create the bond to a non porous surface.... so I would normally pop a little Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear glue out on to the acetate, mist it with water to break it down a little and make it easy to swish it across the acetate... and I would either run a paint brush or my fingers across it to spread it out... the apply my Pixies.

Well for this project instead of misting the glue I applied the glue in a swirly pattern and applied my pixies on top - my aim was the pixies would set on the glue giving me a multicoloured swirl and then the pixies that landed direct on to the acetate would flake/brush/damp cloth.. off and just leave me this neon-esk swirl... So off I went... Glue line swirl... Pixies... Light mist of water... Left to dry.... Come back to "brush" off areas in the middle of my now very nice swirls... and found that it wouldn't shift for toffee! The Pixies have nicely bonded to the acetate! and in fact left a really lovely patchy, soft, covering that I really loved in between my intense swirly lines!

So I have used the panel on my card.. .and a couple of months in, I can say the Pixies are still clinging on to the acetate lol. I haven't yet had chance to attempt this again to see if it was just a fluke... so do keep this in mind if you try out... But I am so happy with the effect I will certainly try again ASAP!

For more ideas on how to use Pixie Sparkles, please feel free to download our FREE ideas sheet!

Click through on the "BUY NOW" button and follow the instructions to download your FREE ideas sheet. For this project I have followed the ideas sheet for instructions on -

Acetate I hope you enjoy this post, please share your creations with us in our group...

Jamie -x-

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