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So if you’ve previously purchased the Opal, Lustre or Metallic polishes... these are the BRAND NEW addition to the family... 

The chalk effect will dry to be a nice flat colour, no kick, no frills, just plain colour... so when you wish to achieve more subtle effects these are the way to go! 

Perfect for brushing over embossed card stock to just colour the tips of the card to match... but can of course be brushed over complete sheets of card to colour it to these colours. 

This product can be used in a variety of shades of card stock, but for instance on black card it will take a few layers to build up to the colour... but will give you a very chalky finish in that colour from the first layer. On white/light cardstock you will achieve the colour of the product from the first application. This opens the doors to so many techniques and effects on both light and dark cardstock! 

These colours have also been released to co-ordinate with the foundations cardstock of the same colour - again giving you loads of design options!

Aqua - Matt Chalk Polish