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Circle Shadow Triple Panel Card

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

For this card you will need -

If you wish to decorate it as I have you will also need..

Circle Saying Die - 6 different designs are available - CLICK HERE

Airless Misters (Available in 36 Colours) - CLICK HERE

So this card really isn’t complicated..

And it’s rather similar to another one of my posts.. the difference on this project is we are stepping down in the sizes of the circles on each layer.

So to create this card you need two strips of card..

The first one needs to be - 29.5cm x 4cm and we are going to score this from one end at 13.5cm

The second one needs to be - 22.5cm x 4cm, and this time we are going to score this at 9cm

Now you will notice that the one end of both of the panels is the same size... this is the area we are going to glue the two pieces together.

We could have used a smaller area to glue the two pieces together, maybe just having a half inch tab on the end of one of the strips to join them, but then we would have a very visible join. By making the joining panels the same size hopefully the actual join will be lost in the fold lines and no one will notice this didn’t start as one long strip (which if you have A3 card & a trimmer you could have used).

When ready, decorate your panels...

Now attach your circles...

When ready add your decorations...

For mine I have used Airless misters to create my sky effect before adding on a skyline die cut, that I’ve cut from black foundations card stock.

To me the only panel I felt you would really need to see both sides of is the middle one... so I have added a sentiment to this panel..

You could certainly add decoration to the reverse of the front and back panel as well, which would also give you a location to add your message.

This card could easily be extended to add in more panels, wether this was stepping down in more sizes, all the same size, or possibly working back down in sizes from the largest panel.

I know I often go on about photos as a lover of scrapbooking & home decor or could easily see this transformed from a card in to more of mini album or mantel piece photo display.

One of my favourite aspects of cards like this is your recipient has a 3D card... but you only have to pay postage on a flat card 😉

I can't wait to see your creations with this style!

Please do make sure you pop your creations up on our Groups/Pages...

Jamie Rodgers Crafts - Jamie Rodgers Crafts

Jamie -x-

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What a great way to use circle dies- we all have plenty of circle dies- this is elegant

Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers
Jul 31, 2021
Replying to

Thank You :)

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