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One The Edge - Collapsible Pillar Card

So, normally cards are made up of a piece of card folded in half that then opens up on itself to reveal an insert... The back panel gives support to hold the front panel up. Well why conform to traditional lol... With this card we have a Column that is holding one panel in place to be our card front, and on the reverse of this panel we have our "insert" area to add sentiments and messages.

So let's construct this very simple column...

As you can see by the diagram you will need a sheet of card - 10" x 8.25", we will lay this on to our score board in a landscape position and score at 1", 2", 4", 6", 8",9" We have now created 3 equal panels to form the main structure of the column and 4 equal strips (2 at each end)

If you wish to play around with the measurements to create bigger or smaller variations of this card style all you need to keep in mind is that the end areas have to equal the same distance as one of the 3 main panels when glued together.

Our main panels on this project are 2" wide - so when our 4 end panels are folded in and glued, they must cover the same 2" area to make the box able to collapse. We will now take our panel, fold and burnish all of the score lines and add glue/red liner tape to the two end panels (marked with an X )

These can now be folded round and attached to our insert panel. For my panel I have opted for a panel that is 8" x 8.25" Glue each end tab to the panel so the end tabs fold in to the inside of the column like so -

This will offer support to the main panel and help balance the structure. Of course for an easier life we could have just made a simple box and applied the panel to the back of the box to offer support.. and this would work...

But to me, having the panel appear from inside the box, gives a nicer finish, it also means you can decorate around the column easier and leave an equal sized front of card panel and back panel...but it is food for thought.

Again if you wish to change the size of the project about... you may wish to keep the panel the same size in height as the column so it keeps its balance. - This said you could play around with adding shaped panels in place, just make sure the base of the shape is level with the base of the column.

From here you can decorate your card as you wish to! To give thought to card styles like stained glass panels.. often these can look dull if the light can't get in behind the card due to the back panel of the card, with this fold you don't need to worry about that! Or maybe cutting an aperture in the middle of the card and hanging a decoration... Using this format to make home décor pieces like photo frames? My main card was created using these items -

I hope you enjoy this post, please share your creations with us in our group using this card fold...

Jamie -x-

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