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Vintage Elegance...

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

So, today we are looking at one of my favourite finishes....this reminds me for some reason of a Tuscan wall...that sun-kissed vintage, romantic, elegant finish and it is so easy to create! What you will need to create this project.. Let's start by taking an 8"x8" card and cut the corner die in to each corner. Because we are folding the front panel back in half you can cut all of your 4 corners face down on the open insert of the card.

Once you have cut your corners, use a knife to trim off the excess and a wiggly line between as seen in the picture below. Don't forget the bumps along the bottom need to be somewhat level for the card to stand without being wonky.

Now......over the top of the complete card use a stipple brush to apply Andy Skinner's Structure paste... this is such a lovely product to work with, especially if you wish to "cover up" a little blemish on your card stock, a dent/mark, or something that just didn't come out right... You can speed up the dry time of this with a heat gun.

Next up, give the complete card a coat of paint with Andy Skinner's - Pigment Paint - Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide - 50ml | Craftmania ( Heat with a heat gun or leave to dry, (this dries rather quickly if left). Then paint in the details of the flowers with the Andy Skinner Pigment paints - Pigment Paint - Primary Magenta - 50ml | Craftmania ( Mix to create Green - Pigment Paint - Prussian Blue - 50ml | Craftmania ( Pigment Paint - Primary Yellow - 50ml | Craftmania ( Dry with a heat Gun Using a Smoothie to distress around the edges of the card with - Watering Can - Make Art By Wendy Vecchi - Ink Pad | Craftmania ( Just to give that light shadowing effect from the corners Next up... Stamp over the middle of the card with -

using -

Lastly, I have finished my card off by adding a couple of Noble Double Pierced Circles, a few gold gems to the middles of the flowers and a Circle Sayings die - Sue Wilson - Circle Sayings- Birthday | Craftmania ( I hope this encourages you to play with this texture paste & paints... I truly love these, here are a few more projects I have used with the same technique..

I can't wait to see your creations with this style! Please do make sure you pop your creations up on our Groups/Pages... Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania & Jamie Rodgers Facebook Page - Jamie Rodgers Crafts Jamie -x-

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