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Crackle background Odd Technique..

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

So, a big part of my job is getting to try out different effects and techniques in the search of the next big thing...(I know its a hard job but someone has to do it lol) - can you tell I love my job :)

Anyway...for a recent show I had the chance to get creative with Crackle Texture Paste -

Crackle Texture Paste | Craftmania ( I love how this cracks and gives such a vintage effect, but I wondered if I were to do this on acetate and let it dry, surely when I flipped the acetate it would show through a gloss cracked effect a little like a cracked tile? Well it sounds good in practice... but the reality is so very different! Unlike virtually every other Cosmic Shimmer Texture paste I have tried this one doesn't fully bond to acetate. So when I flipped it over I noticed bits started falling off... oops.. after a little head scratching and a few choice words lol... I got thinking... I noticed it was the areas in which I had added more product that was falling away, and so this background was born.

So we need - Acetate - Heat Emboss Acetate - 10pk - A4 | Craftmania ( Crackle Texture Paste - Crackle Texture Paste | Craftmania (

Brayer - Brayers | Craftmania (

Sticky Specs - Glues & Sticky Bits | Craftmania (


Pallet knife - Palette Knife set (6pcs) | Craftmania (

So lets first grab a sheet of acetate - Do this slightly larger than you wish to end up with.

Next up, pop out a few splodges of texture paste on to the acetate

Brayer over the top making sure to cover all of the acetate

The lines the brayer creates are the bit we need the most, so make sure to leave the thicker areas.

Once dry... the paste will start to crumble off in the larger areas on its own..

But take a cloth and buff and give it a good rub, the more veins you want in it.. the harder you need to rub.

Once you have removed all the thicker areas this is what you will have. I have placed this on black card so you can see the card showing through already!

But as you can see, gold mirror card makes it all pop and gives this shabby chic a luxury intentional look. Now we need to attach this transparent, slightly fragile, shedding piece of acetate to mirror card.. for me I reach straight away for Sticky Specs... Sheets of ultra fine glue specs that will cover my card and seal the acetate to it in a virtually transparent way.

Pop the mirror card face down on the specs, place the protective cover over, give it a good rub and then peel off the card.

This is what the mirror card will come out like, perfect for attaching our acetate to..

Now trim the edges down and get to building the rest of your card!

Here's another card I have made with this technique...

Just in case you are wondering.. this is what the texture paste would dry like normally on card

Good luck!

I hope you enjoy playing with this technique..

Jamie -x-

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