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Design Team - Christmas Rosette by Ian Rump-Smith

Well I loved making the Rosette Card last week that I shared on our group - (@Create With Craftmania).. I had to make another one.

They may look complicated but are so easy to make.

Let me show you how.

Step 1:

My card base was 8 x 8, as you need plenty of room.

For my Rosette I used a sheet of 12 x 12 paper from the Naughty or Nice paper pack.

I then cut 2 strips 4cm wide and the full length of the paper.

Next using my scoreboard, I scored my strips at half inch increments and then done valley and mountain folds along each of them.

I glued each end together to form a circle.

I turned on my glue gun ready and also cut out a small red circle for the panel to glue the rosette too.

Now with the rosette as in the photo, gently push the sides into the middle and push down.

I turned over my rosette shape and glued a blob in the centre using my glue gun, and then put my red circle on centre top to secure my shape.

I glued a gold gem in the centre of my red circle.

Step 2:

Next I did my card layers using my Stitched Square Die Set.

I did a deep red layer and then a smaller cream layer.

I applied these onto my card using Cosmic Shimmer glue.

I always think red and cream is so fresh together! Reminds me of a raspberry tart lol.

Step 3:

Next I cut out my die layers from the Poinsettia Rings set.

I used a lighter cream than my card layer, a dark green and gold mirri.

I glued together using my fine nozzle glue bottles, as there is a lot of intricate parts on the gold cuts.

Step 4:

I glued the large circle to the front of my card and then used foam tape to add the smaller circle.

To add my rosette to the top layer I cut out a rough circle and glued this to the bottom of the rosette with my glue gun, as this stabilises it so it's flat.

Using my glue gun again, I added my rosette to the centre circle.

Step 5:

From the Poinsettia Ring set I cut 4 corners in gold mirri and glued these onto my card.

I added some small gems to the centre of each corner.

Next I added pearls to the poinsettias on the large ring.

This is my card completed.

I didn't use a sentiment, but of course that's your choice.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and will have a go and do your own version or just follow my own design.

I promise it will be Christmas Free next week as the weather is getting warmer I will make it Summery lol.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys

Ian x

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