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DT - Lynn Lewis - Baskets Of Fun

I’m always on the look out for something to do with my Granddaughter and what with Easter coming they soon get bored in the school break plus Children just love to get in your crafty stash and mine are no exception, I’m pretty sure they will love to make this card for any relative or even just make it yourself. So find all the scrap bits of paper from last month's bundle pad and left over bits of cross stitch embossed card from this month's and find an oval die to cut out some eggs I used the Noble Collection Double Pierced oval set, the second from smallest die.

I cut about 12 in case any got damaged. Now colour the white ones with the Lemon Meringue and Princess Pink Colour Cloud inks and place some ribbons round the eggs with double sided tape. Put the eggs to one side and cut out some grass. I used Sue Wilson's Windswept grasses and coloured them with the distress ink Mowed Lawn, make sure you cut plenty.

Next we will make the basket.....with a couple of sheets of Kraft card, cut about 24 x half inch or 1.3cm wide strips down the width of the card. Then start to weave them together gluing down the first edges as you go until you have a tight square(see pictures)

Now cut a piece of Kraft card 6 inches by 4 inches or 15 x 10 cm and slightly trim a slope along the shorter sides so it’s basket shaped and glue this to the back of the woven card(see pictures) then cut round the basket back piece and turn to correct side and glue down the loose edges. Then with a couple of the Kraft card strips stick one along each of the top and bottom of the basket and trim(see pictures) Find a lovely ribbon and wrap round the basket securing on the back and make a matching bow and place all this to one side . Now get a 10 x 7 card blank and Matt it with a piece of card coloured with Colour Cloud blending ink Clear Day and go over the top half with the White Clouds ink. Glue this to the card. Next, place foam pads on the back of the basket leaving the top 3cm without any on and stick it on the bottom half of the card, place an egg on the top middle of the card and only glue the bottom half of the egg down, now do the same with the others arranging them and tucking into the basket how you want . Tuck in your grasses next, trimming and gluing as you go and stick down the tops of the eggs when you have done. Finish the basket by stamping a greeting, I used the one in this months bundle “Especially for you” stamped in Archival Ink Potting Soil and foam pad this on top of the ribbon and stick your bow below. You can of course make this much smaller but who likes small Easter Eggs lol . Have fun - Lynn x

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