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DT-Lynn Lewis - Pretty As A Picture

Updated: May 22, 2022

I have been looking for a picture for my bedroom for ages and just couldn’t find one that I liked so why not make one .

This is one of those projects that sounded totally fine in my head lol and it actually started with a different background all stamped out but it just did not work .

So I found inspiration with Jamies canvas collection dies and picked the large Panel set and went from there .

First cut out 7 of the ‘Ariel’ frames and tag dies complete outer bits and cut them in half then distress round the edges with the Victorian velvet ink .

Next I got a piece of board -mount board will do,size 29.5 x 17.7cm or 11 1/2” x7” and stuck these round the edges of it .

While it is still flat turn it over and cut 2 small squares out of board punch a hole in each tie some string in the holes and with a hot glue gun stick them on the back -as you can see in the pictures .

Now back on the front :)) we need a sheet of the lovely card from the bundle I used the pink spotty one I apologise for the pink overload but if there were purple in it I would be saying the same lol .

Cut this to fit on the board about 29.5 x 18.5 cm or 11 5/8” x 7 1/4” and stick it on .

Next cut out the 3 panels with the very dark vintage pink card then cut 3 of the creamy paper with the pink flowers on with the 2nd frame down and with white card cut out 3 frames using the largest frame and the 3rd size frame down all from Jamies large panel die set .

Make up the panels if you find these tricky invest in some mini pegs they are a real help so you don’t have to hold it while the glue dries see picture,then as Jamie has shown before build up inside with some foam tape so you can press on the panels with out damaging them .

Glue on the rose panels and distress the frames but this time with Victorian velvet oxide ink and glue them on to the panels when dry .

I found the word ‘Dream’ from the large hexagon set and cut that out from a scrap left from the panels and glued it on the centre bottom of the picture .

Next cut out 14 sets of the flowers from the Succulent Garden collection and select the ones shown in the pictures with white card and colour them all with Victorian velvet distress ink and as shown roll the petals round a wooden bbq skewer or whatever you have to hand I’ve always got a pack of these in my stash they are very useful :) you can use something smaller for the little ones I use my pokey tool I haven’t stabbed myself yet but be careful .

Push the centres in on a soft mat with a ball tool and glue them all together .

The roses on the paper on the panels have black stamens so I had some in my stash and glued some into the rose centres with hot glue but gems would be lovely too .

Using the French Marigold dies next cut out around 18 of the larger leaves and colour them with Peeled Paint Distress Ink .

Now place the roses where you intend to stick them and then place the canvases where you want them making sure everything lines up,measure if you need to and then glue the panels onto the board and finish by sticking the roses and leaves on I used a hot glue for the roses .

Now you should have a nice sort of shabby chic picture .

Mine is now hanging on my bedroom wall :))

Don’t always think that papers/dies and stamps are there specifically to make cards with play around and make anything .

In the words of Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

I live by this

Lynn :))

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