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DT-Lynn Lewis-Vintage Papers

I absolutely love these papers and they are perfect for distressing and making them look a bit vintage .

So take a blank 8x8 card then a plain pale green sheet from the pack and cut to fit on the card just a little bit smaller then find a little stamp I chose the mini butterfly off the new Designer Boutiques ’Doodle Butterfly’stamps and stamped it in the bottom left corner with my stamp platform using the Distress ink ’Vintage photo’.

Next distress round the edges with the same ink and stick this piece on the card blank .

Now get a piece of white card the width of your card blank 20 by 4cm you might have to cut this down a bit -then cut the green paper with hearts on slightly smaller distress that piece and stick on the white card and set aside .

Now cut a white card rectangle 12.5x18cm and a piece of pink spotty paper again slightly smaller and distress the edges then stick on the white card .

Next cut a piece of white card 11x14cm then on the back mark a centre line all the way down the length with a pencil then with the Ruler from the centre line take it to the point in the bottom corners 7cm and Mark with a pencil do this both sides .

See picture to help .

Now cut out the chevron shape you marked out plus cut another slightly smaller with the wild rose paper and distress and stick to the white card .

Take a square sentiment from the pack and cut it down to fit distress and Matt onto some white card then a circular Rose from the pack and distress that also ..

Now we need to Lay these on the card,first the green heart bar across the middle but don’t stick then lay the pink Spotty one on and if you’re happy with its position stick it on the bar only then with foam pads stick the chevron shape to the other side making sure you don’t cover the butterfly but don’t stick to the main card yet .

Now get the smallest size ribbon take it round the centre of the bar and across the other layers and stick on the back just round the edges and cut off the spare.

Now you can stick the layered piece on the card .

I hope that made sense .

Take your circular rose die cut and stick that on top right corner of the chevron piece and foam pad the sentiment in the middle across the ribbon .

To finish make a bow with the left over bit from the centre piece and stick it on and get 5 of the gems stick 3 top right and 2 under the bar left side .

This is a very simple card to make and can be done in many combinations from the paper pack set and the size can be altered to make a smaller one too .

So you can get a good stock of cards in .

Happy crafting :))

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