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Embossing Folder Inlays..

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This may be me a little late to the party, but it hit me... how about inking over the reverse side of Embossing Folders to create Pearl/mirror inlays….

So this is super easy, take the card stock of your choice (in the above case - Gold Pearl Foundations card) and take a Distress Oxide ink pad and smooth it over the top of the card. You may wish to use a brayer to apply the ink over the top instead of your ink pad. Also, if the folder is more ‘open’ in it’s design, a brayer is a more solid tool to apply to the ink over the embossed card than the felt pad of an ink pad.

For a more vintage effect, leave the ink to dry on its own… or for a high gloss finish.. sprinkle on clear embossing powder!

Fancy a festive spin on it… introduce Frosty Sparkle Embossing Powder to give a glazed glitter effect.

Now let’s talk about variations…

Recipe -

Recipe -

Recipe -

Recipe -

Recipe -

Recipe -

Recipe -

Ok, so let’s spice things up a little…

Recipe -

Recipe -

Shopping List -

3D Embossing Folders -

3D Embossing Folders - Craftmania | Great Yarmouth (

Pearl Card -

Paper, Card, acetate, vellum etc | Craftmania

Distress Oxide inks -

Distress Oxides | Craftmania

Staz On Inks -

Staz On | Craftmania

Mirror Card -

A4 - Mirror & Holographic Card | Craftmania

Clear Embossing Powder -

Embossing Powder - Craftmania | Great Yarmouth (

One of biggest money saving tips for clear embossing powder...

I hope you enjoy this post, please share your creations with us in our Facebook Group, using this tip...

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Jamie -x-

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