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Triple Panel - Fold Flat - Card

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Every now and again a little idea springs in to my head that gets me proper excited... and this is my latest middle of the night thought that I have fallen in love with lol.

It is super easy and probably done in many forms before, it is in reality a different take on the pop up pillar cards that are on this blog too. Anyways enough ramblings... let's get building. So for this project you will need..

A Centimetre Scoreboard

All the items I used to create and decorate this card can be found at the bottom of this page. So first up cut 2 strips of white card 14.5cm x 5cm Score at - 1.5cm - 6.5cm - 8cm - 13cm

Fold round and glue to create two collapsible little tunnel boxes (open at the top and bottom) These are our spacers - we can play about with these in height, width & length to create lots of different effects! I will show you more cards at the end of the post with this in mind!

Now for this card I have taken the cut corner square and cut out a selection of blue and white layers. Now this picture was taken before I decided to pull these off and add in an embossed panel too! lol... So little tip... make sure before you attach your spacers you have planned your card first.

Now I want my card to sit at all different angles so for this project I have attached the spacers off to each side as far as they can go, I have placed them above the dot detail so we don't see the white coming through on the dots and I have kept them off of the cut corner element too as I don't want you to know these are here unless you have to lol.

Once you have attached these two... pop on the front panel..

Check at this point it collapses ok And then get decorating! Here are the same size panels but placed together centred instead. For this one I made my space a box shape instead of a rectangle... so it is a 25cm strip scored at every 5cm and wrapped round to make a box just like the last one.

We can also do the same with other large nesting dies too! this is one is an off set one I have done with the Clipped Corner Rectangles - Clipped Corner Rectangles - Sue Wilson - Craft Die | Craftmania (

Again, these fold perfect flat for posting...

The nice bit with the rectangles is we have a choice if we use them landscape or portrait on each level to create different effects.

I am really tempted to add photos to these and make them more a permeant home décor item! You could also add in many many more panels, building out on both sides of a main panel or expanding the depth on the way I have done the ones I have shown. Don't forget you can decorate your spacers too! And why not play about with the size and depth of the spacers as well, they don't all have to be the same, and you could add in some real character to play about with them. I can't wait to see your creations with this style! Please do make sure you pop your creations up on our Groups/Pages... Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers Jamie Rodgers Crafts - Jamie Rodgers Crafts Jamie -x-

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