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Hand Picked By Jamie - Pop Up Card

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hand Picked By Jamie - Inspiration Every month we release a pack of goodies that has been hand picked by me! to hopefully help inspire your crafting mojo... throughout the month we upload posts to hopefully help give you more ideas on how to get the most from your monthly pack. Find out more about this months pack here -

For this card I have used from the pack -

I have also used -

Card base - For my card I have created two collapsible boxes to hold up a central panel to decorate.. For this you will need two pieces of card 10"x6"

lay the card on a score board in a landscape position and score at every 2" interval - 2" - 4" - 6" - 8" Fold the panels over to make a square tunnel and glue the fifth and the 1st panel together to make a sturdy tube. Repeat this twice. For the middle panel we will use 8" x 6" Glue the two tubes together with the panel inserted between the two tubes to create the card base. Add a base on to the construction if you wish to.

Background - Take a piece of gold mirror card and place a small amount of Cosmic Shimmer - Dries Clear Glue on to the Mirror card.

Lightly mist with water to break the glue down a little, so it is slightly easier to move about. using a pint brush brush the glue over the mirror card and then apply a gentle covering of Shimmer Shakers to the panel and mist with water... leave to dry.

For more ideas of how to get the most out of your Shimmer Shakers, Download our FREE Mica Powder ideas sheet here -

I hope you enjoy this post, please share your creations with us in our group...

Jamie -x-


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