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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ June Bundle Silver Shine By Lynn Lewis

I didn’t really think about this before I made it that It took ages to get a decent picture of it but got there in the end lol.

I think this card style is called a double Z card I’m not sure of names of card folds but that will do.

I started making the card blank first and to do this I got an A4 sheet of card and cut it down to 28cm or 11 inches and scored at 7cm or 2 & 3/4 inches and 14cm or 5 & 1/2 inches then I scored 6cm or 2 & 3/8 inches along the top and cut this 6 cm band off .

With a bone folder I creased all the lines on the card and the band as in the pictures not sticking the band on yet I hope that all made sense .

If you tap on the pictures you should be able to zoom in to see it better.

Next I decorated the card by sticking panels on ,these were cut from silver mirror card that was embossed with the folder Radiant rings .

Then I stuck panels on the band these were cut from a sheet I had stencilled with the 8x8 cascading holly stencil in the green paste on silver non shedding glitter card then while it was still wet sprinkled Cosmic shimmer Diamond Frost Aurora Sparkle on it .

I stuck the band on the card next you will find you just turn the band upside down .

Then I cut a Hayley Holly die out with non shedding glitter card in green and a back piece in silver mirror card and stuck these together and added red gems then placed on the card front band with pads as in the picture .

The flowers were cut from Sue Wilson’s classic Poinsettia dies in silver mirror card I scored a line down the centre of each “Petal”(I Say petal loosely as it’s not actually a flower it’s a bract or modified leaves )I digress lol .

After I stuck them on the card I added red gems in the centres and sprinkles a bit of ruby slippers glitterbitz in while the glue was still wet .

The sentiment from the bundle ‘Have A Happy Christmas’was heat embossed with detail silver embossing powder and versamark ink on white card then matted with mirror card and placed on with pads and added more gems .

I like this card fold its going in my favourite file I think it could be used a lot .


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