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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ November Bundle - Floral Panel By Ian Rump-Smith

Floral Panel By Ian Rump-Smith - November Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

Wednesday is with us again Crafters, and this week I'm bringing you a nice clean and crisp card design that can be done in any colour combination. My chosen colours are pink and grey.

As always, you can find the Shopping List for my project at the bottom of the page.

So let's get started!

I used an 8x8 White Card Blank for my base, and for my first layer, I used a grey shade of paper from the Touch Of Romance Paper Pad. I like to have a small white border showing, and therefore I cut a slither off of two of the sides to make it fit.

For my second layer, I then used Creative Expressions' Foundations Coconut White Card, which again I cut down to leave a grey border.

Moving on to die cutting for our panels, where we will be using Sue Wilson's Ornate Octagon Striplets. Taking papers from the Paper Pad, I cut three rectangle die cuts in patterned grey, and then three more in the darker plain grey. Run these three through your die cutting machine with the front ornate panel. Use some low tack tape to hold the die in place on the grey panels to prevent them from moving.

Now using Woodware's Ultra Fine Tip Glue Bottle, stick the grey panel onto the patterned die cuts.

I levelled mine out onto the front of the card (see photo), but left a space at the top.

For the middle panel, I used Double Sided Tape to create a focal point, whilst the other two I stuck using my Dries Clear Glue.

Floral Panel By Ian Rump-Smith - November Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

Next, I used my Creative Expressions Herringbone Background Die. Here I cut out two of the strips in Silver Mirror Card (not the whole die).

I then carefully cut this piece into two strips, and then reversed one on top of the other to give a cross cross effect. Once happy with the placement, I stuck them down using my glue.

  • TOP TIP - For intricate dies like these, you may also find using Creative Expressions Sticky Specks helpful.

Glue this part onto the the card above the panels.

In your November Hand Picked By Jamie Kit, you also have a sheet of diamond mesh.

Cut a strip off and then measure to size - glue this to the cris cross panel using white glue.

The sentiment panel was made using pink paper from the Paper Pad and also Foundations Coconut White Card.

I cut Sue Wilson's Mini Expressions Sentiment Die, "May All Your Dreams Come True" and used this as a guide for the white panel. Allow a little extra space at the end, so you can then cut a V in the end. Glue this into your piece of pink paper, and then cut out leaving a border.

Glue your sentiment on using your fine nozzle glue bottle.

Once you've done this, add a piece of Foam Tape to the left underside, and also a small blob of glue on the right and add to your card.

  • NOTE - Put this on the left side of your card, as the foam pad sits lower than the glued section.

Now add some pearls to the grey panels to make them stand out more.

For the final part of this card, we are going to use some beautiful flowers with Creative Expressions Cosmos Flowers Die Set.

Take the middle size flower and cut six solid die cuts (in the same pink paper as your sentiment), and six top layers in white. Glue these all together (shape if you wish), and add a gem of your choice to the centre of each.

  • NOTE - Just to add, there is also a lovely matching stamp set to go with these flowers giving you different options to create and add detail. I've popped them in my list below for you to see.

Add your flowers around the sentiment panel; use glue on three of them and then a foam pad on the three remaining flowers. The idea behind this, is to give them more definition, rather than them just being flat against the card.

And that is it, your card is complete!!!

Thank you so much for viewing my blog, I'd love to hear your feedback and see your own creations on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

See you all next week and keep crafting

Ian x

Matching Stamp Set Also Available





Shopping list :

  • Pink mesh gem sheet

  • White glue

  • Pearls and gems

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Nov 16, 2022

Nice card Ian that panel at the top reminds me of the old Lac’e I think that’s what it’s called and no idea how to spell it 😂😂😂 x

Replying to

Thanks hun and not sure what that is lol 😂


Wendy Walters
Wendy Walters
Nov 16, 2022

A lovely card Ian. I had something like that in my mind for the next card I'm going to do. Lol will have to have a bit of a think now lol

Replying to

Thank you hun. No please do your interpretation of it as be good to see 😊

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