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Hand Picked By Jamie ~ October Bundle - Be The Best! By Lynn Lewis

Hello Crafters.....

I hope you’ve had a great crafty week and are enjoying your new October Hand Picked By Jamie Bundle :-)

This week I've taken a different approach, as I really wanted to show you that there are so many options in using these dies. I decided to take the die cuts apart to illustrate how - rather than just in their full format.... I think you will be impressed!!

As always, you can find the Shopping List for this project at the bottom of this page.

So let’s begin by taking your Creative Expressions Layering Background Elsa Die Set and cutting out the top element in White Linen Card. (I personally love the Linen and Parchment Card as I feel it gives a sense of luxury).

Repeat - cutting out the same element in the Parchment Card from your Bundle in the following colours, as seen in the photograph below.

  • Butterscotch Parchment Card

  • Mint Parchment Card

  • Peach Parchment Card

For the next step, take your Sue Wilson Roxy Tag And Frame Die Set, and Triple Layer Dragonfly Die, and cut out - again using the Butterscotch, Mint and Peach Parchment Card. Once you've done this, pop these to one side.

With the same colours and using Sue Wilson's Noble Double Pierced Squares Dies (Set A).

Cut one square of each colour with the inner / smallest die.

  • HELPFUL INFO - You will notice that some of Sue Wilson's Noble Nesting Dies state that they are either Set A or Set B. An example of this includes the Double Stitched Squares and Rectangles. Set A's dies are bigger than Set B which has slightly smaller frames.

  • Check out the Shop By Designer - Sue Wilson page on the Craftmania website to see the Collection.

Now time for a little fun and creativity....

We are going to deconstruct out die cuts. Taking your white linen Elsa Background die cut,

cut out three full flowers (as you can see I have done in the photo above).

TOP TIP - I find it easier to take them from the edge, as they will all roughly be the same.

Again, with the different coloured Elsa die cuts, take the little flower from the middle of each one, in each colour. Again see the photo above.

If you are like me, and don't like waste, save these for another project. You could easily cover up the bits you’ve cut out, and use as a border with a sentiment or dragonfly.... just an idea :-)

Now to start making it look pretty....

Stick a white flower on each of the coloured squares. To create some layers, stick the corresponding flowers to the matching coloured squares you made earlier. For a little detail, I added a small pale green pearl in the centre of each flower.

For the next part, you need to cut the following pieces of card :-

  • Peach Parchment Card - 16.2cm x 7.5cm

  • White Linen Card - 15.5cm x 7cm

Once you have done this, stick the white card (you've just cut) on top of your peach card to create your mat and layering.

Then glue your little coloured squares onto the white silk layered piece with glue and foam roll.

Once done, set aside.

So now we’ve done that, let's move onto the next stage....

We need to glue the layers of the dragonfly together - I layered mine up with the peach colour on the bottom, butterscotch in the middle, and then mint on the top.

Repeat this process with your Roxy Frame.

Cut off the bit on the side (as you can see in the picture) and layer this up.

Glue the butterscotch to the bottom section, and then the mint in the middle, and peach on top.

TIP - As you layer slightly shadow one on top of the other.

Now the exciting part, as we see it all come together.... let’s assemble it all.

Get yourself a sheet of A4 White Linen Card and fold in half.

Trim to the folded size of 14cm x 20.5cm.

Now you've created your base, measure a piece of Old Letter Parchment Card to the size of

11cm x 18cm, and stick it towards the left hand side of the card.

You can either use Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue to stick down your layers or double sided tape - whichever you prefer :-)

For the next step, cut a piece card (this can be either white, linen or plain) to the size of

10cm x 16.8cm. Adhere this on top of the Old Letter mat.

Next you are going to create the pretty edging which you cut using your Roxy Tag And Frame Die. Take your 'frame sections' and glue those to the edge of your white card edge.

Then take the panel you made earlier, and using Foam Tape, apply to three sides and glue on the side that’s going on top of the frame layer this on top ..

Now for the lovely dragonfly....

Position and stick your dragonfly to your card as seen in the picture below.

Again, I used my Foam Tape from the roll, to add some dimension and make him/her the focal point.

NOTE - I applied my Foam Tape down the centre of the body as well to ensure he was secure.

  • TOP TIP - I always add glue to Foam Pads, Foam Roll and all my gems. I feel it just adds that extra bit of strength, which is especially important if it is being sent by post or is being stored for a while (if you are making batches of cards like me).

Now... we can finish the card with a lovely sentiment.

Here, I have used "Always Be The Best Version Of Yourself" which is my favourite from Phill Martin's Stamp Set included in the Bundle:-)).

Firstly, I stamped it on white card using my Distress Archival Ink Pad - Spiced Marmalade.

However, there are other options available if you haven't got this one. I have popped a few examples in my Shopping List for you. Any shade of Orange would work well!!

Once you've stamped your sentiment, layer onto a piece of Old Letter and Peach Parchment Card.

The overall size should be roughly 4cm x 6cm. Glue onto your card with Foam Pads again.

  • TOP TIP - Avoid sticking the pads on the corner that’s on the raised part.

Now for the finishing touches....

Add a couple of pale green pearls on the side frame, one in the centre of the dragonfly, and lastly a couple on the sentiment as seen.

And there’s your deconstructed card.... using the same products, but using a totally different approach!

Be The Best By Lynn Lewis - October Hand Picked By Jamie | Craftmania

I hope this has given you some encouragement, and to challenge you to experiment....

A Jamie has always said, "you can only lose a sheet of card," which is SO TRUE!!!!

Just to add... if you have fallen in love with beautiful Triple Layer Dragonfly, why not check out the other seven Triple Layer Dies, including the gorgeous Hummingbird.

Shop Sue Wilson's Triple Layer Die Collection

It's been wonderful to see you sharing your makes with us, so keep the creations coming.

If you haven't found us yet, we would love you to join us on our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers.

I look forward to seeing you next time....

Enjoy your week and most of all have fun with your crafty goodies and products.

Lynn x




This set includes colours Picked Raspberry, Barn Door, Spiced Marmalade & Fossilised Amber





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