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How to turn your border dies in to 3D elements

For this post I am focusing on the Sue Wilson Endless Options collection - Sue Wilson - Endless Options | Craftmania ( But you could do the same with many of the Paper Cuts edges too! For this Project you will need - Edger Dies Glue Card (you may well fall in love with the card i am using in this project, if so this is it - Antique Copper- Pearl Foundations Card - 20 Sheets | Craftmania ( Score Board - Centimetre Score Board | Craftmania (

Stage one - Cut your background die into your card stock

Stage two - Use the matching border dies to trim the panel to the size you wish for it to be.

Stage three - Score score down the side of the detailed elements against the edge, then again at 1cm across

Stage four - Score down both edges of your border element - firstly against the side of the design and again 1cm wider on both ends.

Stage five - trim off the excess card to leave you the two - 1cm side strips around all three sides of the design

Stage six - You'll notice you have 4 blocks on each corner of the design. Trim off the outside 3 blocks.

Stage seven - The remaining 4th block can now be trimmed in to a little plant pot style block.

Stage eight - Glue the tabs you've just created to build up the side walls on the 3 sides.

Stage nine - Glue down the top flaps to create your finished 3D border element. Use these as little holders for pictures/photos/elements.. or to help frame your elements as shown on the finished cards.

Just to give you a few more ideas of bits that can be achieved with these incredible endless option dies...

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