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Jamie Rodgers' Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Butterfly Circle Frame By Lynn Lewis

Jamie Rodger's Wings Of Wonder Collection ~ Butterfly Circle Frame By Lynn Lewis | Craftmania Blog

Hello there Crafters :-)

Today I'm bringing you a creation made with Jamie Rodgers' Wings Of Wonder Collection - Butterfly Circle Frame Die Set, and love how it has a real Celtic feel to it :-)

Last year I made was having a mixed media session and created a few sheets of card using

Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles...

If you haven't yet played with these, then you are missing out as they are INCREDIBLE.

Check out Jamie's YouTube video to have a look at them in action -

The Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Sparkles colours Here I've used are :-

🔹Gilded plum

🔹Heavenly Hues

🔹Sun Burst

TIP - The magic of Pixie Powders and Pixie Sparkles is you will never create the same result twice. Therefore, as best practice I always pop a note on the back of my card which colours I've used, so I don't forget and can use the combination again in future!!

▪️To begin, cut out the whole outer circle frame from your Pixie sheet, and then repeat with the next size down, and the butterfly ring in the centre.

▪️Now cut the same out again in Gold Mirri Card.

▪️Next, stick your 'Pixie Sparkled' die cuts on top of the gold ones, so the gold is just overlapping from behind.

▪️Taking some Maya black card, glue each of these frames onto it.

✅ Cut around them so that the black doesn’t show around the edges.

▪️Take some foam pads and stick the centre frame in the middle of our circle.

▪️Next back the whole thing with one of Sue Wilson's Noble Double Stitched Circle Dies in black, and then another in Gold Mirri Card.

▪️Then stick the butterfly rings in the middle (as seen). You could also cut a small black circle to stick in the centre for the butterfly ring, but I’ll leave that choice to you.

Building The Card Base

▪️Take Creative Expressions Rope Chain 8x8 Embossing Folder and emboss a piece of black card to fit an 8x8 card blank.

▪️Once cut to size, take some Cosmic Shimmer Gilded Touch in Tarnished Gold, and lightly rub this over with your finger. I’m afraid I get excited and a bit heavy handed with waxes, so don’t worry about being perfect :-)

▪️Stick this to your card blank once you are happy....

▪️Cut out a frame from using Creative Expressions Noble Looped Square Die Set in Gold Mirri Card - (it should just fit behind the circles stick - this frame to the embossed background).

▪️Now take the circles and stick these to the background on foam roll / tape.

▪️To finish, cut your Happy Birthday sentiment from Jamie Rodgers Sentiments Collection - Essentials 2 Set in Gold Mirri Card, and then glue it below the circle.

For that perfect finishing touch, add a large gold gem to pop into the middle.

I hope if anything, this has inspired you to your get your Pixie Sparkles out and have some fun creating....

Until the next time

Lynn x

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Jun 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this card

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