May We Celebrate Christmas... For Just one little minute...

Ok, I know it is May and it is slightly bonkers that I am here writing up instructions for a Christmas card! But once we have recovered from this rather alarming thought... I wish to welcome you to our very first Blog post! This is something I have been thinking about starting for a while... a handy place for you to refer back to time and time again to see instructions for cards, backgrounds, folds & more...

Today I thought we would kick things off with this card..

My dark and moody vintage Christmas...

Now this card may not be what you think of when you think CHRISTMAS and to me that's a great thing because it means we can take this style and turn it in to any number of themes and styles and experiment even more with textures & colours. So first of all to copy this exact card you will need this stencil.... 8x8 Stencil - Baubles | Craftmania ( The good news is it is on offer at HALF PRICE - at only £3.00

So on to the how... The base of our card is created with a sheet of gold mirror card -

Gold Mirror - Pearl Foundations Card - 20 Sheets | Craftmania (

Covered with a self adhesive sheet -

A4 Adhesive Sheets -5 sheets | Craftmania (

Once you have attached the self adhesive sheet, feel free to pop it to one side...

Next up, take your gorgeous bauble stencil and tape over one side of it with a clear pigment ink - Versamark, Emboss, Perfect Medium etc... like you would if you was inking a stamp.

Once covered in clear ink... remove the top cover of the self adhesive sheet and place the stencil inky side down.

The ink is only here to act as a lubricant so the stencil does not attach itself to the self adhesive sheet, this trick will make your stencil easy to remove but magically will hold it in place long enough to work with.

Now for the fun bit...

At this point I have trimmed down my A4 sheet so I have the strip of adhesive covered mirror card to use with smaller stencils (or pick an area of larger stencil like this one) Take your choice of glitter and sprinkle it over the stencil and use an applicator sponge to clear away any excess Applicator sponges - Sponge Applicator 6pk | Craftmania ( I plumped for Sahara Gold Glitterbits... Glitterbits are a beautiful super shiny glitter that has 3 different size particles in the jar... when you use them on a project the light hits all the different size pieces and sparkles amazingly! These come in loads of colours... Glitterbits | Craftmania ( Now remove your stencil...

Now the area the stencil was covering is revealed and still sticky so this opens up a few options... of course we could just go on now with glitter... especially frosted sparkle as you will still see the lovely mirror shine through (if you were going to use a heavy coloured glitter this would cover the gold mirror card so don't waste this nice card, use basic card stock). So back on to the sticky area... Let's bring in some PIXIE POWDERS - Pixie Powders | Craftmania (

I have plumped for Emerald Green, Lava Red and Midnight Blue.

Tap these randomly all across the panel (even over the top of the glitter).

Use your applicator sponge and work in a circular motion to adhere the Pixie powders to the adhesive sheet.

Once the sheet is covered completely

......mist with water... I wouldn't drench it... and I wouldn't speed it up with a heat gun as the self adhesive sheet may well bubble... also prepare for this to take a little while to dry as the self adhesive sheet & mirror card aren't really the most absorbent materials. Once dry this is what you have... This moody shimmery petrol on water with a golden shimmer.. The glitter will also take on a darker tone as the Pixie powders build up in the particles.

I have added on a few pearls and a sentiment die - Merriest Christmas wishes | Craftmania (

The bit I love the most, is how the mirror card gives that metallic hint and shimmer under the Pixie Powders, It may be hard to see in a photo... but trust me it gives a lovely shine that I have never achieved before. I am yet to try this out on silver mirror card.. so if you do.. please do show us how you got on!

Couple more ideas for you...

Ears of Wheat Stencil - Ears of wheat stencil | Craftmania ( With Frosted Sparkle Glitterbits - Frosty Sparkle - Glitterbits | Craftmania (

Or forget the stencils.... Cut some white die cut flowers... stick randomly on your mirror card & self adhesive sheet combo.... Then sprinkle on some glitter and pixie powder as before.. spritz and watch the white die cuts take on colour to give a tie dyed effect. I hope you have enjoyed this post! it is the first of a few we have planned that will hopefully help keep you inspired! Let us know your thoughts and please do post your creations with these ideas on our Facebook group - (20+) Craftmania Creations & Shares! | Facebook

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