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Moroccan Kitchen Organiser By Ian Rump-Smith

Moroccan Kitchen Organiser By Ian Rump-Smith | Craftmania

Hey Everyone....

One bonus with the weather being a little wet (putting it politely) is that it gives us crafters loads of time to make fabulous creations!

Today, I'm bringing you yet another different project, especially for all you mixed media / MDF lovers out there :-)

A simple kitchen organiser that not only looks pretty, but functional so you have somewhere to attach your shopping lists and jobs that need doing!!

Step 1

I got an old MDF sign which I purchased from a pound store in the sale, and ideal for covering and using in projects like this....

▪️Cover the entire front with Cosmic Shimmer White Gesso and leave to dry.

INFO - Gesso is a great opaque primer for use on paper, card, canvas, wood and MDF projects. It primes the surfaces and gives it a truer colour result. Apply using a roller, spatula or brush

▪️Once dry, apply one coat of Acrylic Paint in a colour of your choice .....

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▪️Let this dry thoroughly before going to the next stage.

If you want a full coverage, then go ahead and add another coat.

I personally like the shabby unfinished look!!

Step 2

▪️I used some sandpaper on my board; around the edges and some on the front to give it a shabby chic look. It took the paint off to the original board, so if like me, you are working with an image underneath, be careful it doesn't reveal any of the image you covered.

I used a dry paint brush to get rid of any excess dust, or you can also use a dry baby wipe.

Step 3

▪️I love a stencil with detail.... and the Katkin's Kraft's - 7x7 Petal Power Stencil is just that.

Using some Woodware Stencil Tape, I secured the stencil to the centre top part of my board.

I used Cosmic Shimmer Antique Sand Paste and spread over my stencil with a palette knife.

▪️I covered the whole stencil, making sure that I smoothed it as best I could with no lumps and bumps. Once covered, I carefully removed the stencil and set aside to dry.

TIP - Soak your stencil in warm soapy water straight away, as this cream can dry pretty quick.

Step 4

▪️Time for a little colouring.... I found this very therapeutic!!

For this, you could use either I use metallic markers or even Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish

Take your time, as the surface may be a little rough with the texture of the cream.

🛒. See ALL 40 Colours Of Metallic Gilding Polish - HERE. (Plus Video)

▪️To add some extra dimension, I used my Cosmic Shimmer 3D Pearlescent Glue for the beading.

I let this dry out, but was able to carry on with the rest of my project in the meantime.

Step 5

▪️Next I made some pages to go onto my board.

I used my PRESSCUT Plain Rectangle Die Set and plain photocopy paper.

(A longer list for "Shopping" and shorter for "Jobs To Do."

Using white card, I cut out one of each size and then stencilled a pattern on each.

I used the Kaiser Craft Tile stencil.

Step 6

▪️I cut one of the corners using Creative Expressions Wings Of Wonder Collection - Swirl Corner Duo Die Set in black card.

▪️Using a Cosmic Shimmer Gold Polish I rubbed this all over the die cut and then glued it using wet glue to the bottom centre of the stencilled pattern on the board.

(I wanted to create a more shabby look, so I rubbed the polish onto the sides and in random places on the board. This is entirely up to you, on how you distress your board.

Step 7

▪️Grab yourself some mini bull dog clips or full size wooden pegs.

I used silicone glue and put a sheet in each clip to work out space when gluing.

Step 8

▪️The last part to my project was to make a label, to put above each clip.

For this, I cut 2 small pieces of white card and then used a black fine-liner pen to write my label.

▪️I used faithful (will not move) Ultra Sticky Red Liner Tape to stick the label in place.

Make sure your clips are secure before putting the lists on your finished project.

If you've not tried mixed media before, I hope this has shown you how easy and fun it is... give it a go!! Watch this space for more blogs to come :-)

Take care

Ian x

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