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One Mans Trash...

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Is another mans background lol 😂

For this tip all you need is...

A pile of off cuts

Self adhesive sheet -

So, for this Top Tip I want to show you all the scrap elements I was left after prepping for the Cosmic Shimmer Airless Mister show..

For this show I had lots of stencilling and stamping and stamping backgrounds that of course got trimmed down for use on my projects, and it left me with all these rather pretty but rather useless offcuts..

.....and I just couldn’t bring myself to bin them when they are this lovely... but in reality, I have boxes of stuff I refuse to bin and am starting to look like a possible upcoming project on - Hoarders! lol.

So I felt I need to make use of them or bin them...


Take a self adhesive sheet...

stick it on to a sheet of card. then trim the scraps at random and place on the self adhesive sheet as you wish.

I wanted this to be quick & random... So I let the offcuts lead the way. rarely chopping bits to fit unless they were too wide.

You could of course level them off and make a more uniformed, parallel background if you prefer.

Once you have covered the area you wish to... trim down the side of your sheet...

Of course this could be used as you see it... or treat it as just stage one..

you could easily pop this through an embossing folder, diecut from it, add a stencilled image to the top of it with texture paste or inks, add glitter kiss or simply glaze it with a lacquer or clear embossing powder (I would triple emboss it to give it a high shine)

So what did I do with them....

The first project I created was out of the panel I have made above... all I have done is use a circle die to cut out my aperture. Because I was so pleased with the results of the first panel I created a second...

This time using smaller circle dies to create mini apertures....

Now all of these circles have to have a use... right?...

I hope this little tip comes in handy... I regret parting with similar scraps from my Pixie Powder/Pixie Sparkles/Shimmer Shakers... etc... to see how these little strips could have come together to make such fun and easy projects. For my latest show i have also been playing around with more standard card scraps in similar ways..

This card is created with plain card scraps and mirror card... all cut on strange angles on to a self adhesive sheet and then embossed with a 3D folder. Another idea I have been playing with is odd scraps of black card... i have a giant box of black off cuts.. so to find a nice use for them odd bits is great!

This time I have once again snipped them all at odd angles, popped them spaced out on to a self adhesive sheet and added Cosmic Shimemr - Aurroa Flakes on top to fill the gaps.. It gives a lovely hint of the flakes coming through.

I can't wait to see your creations with this style! Please do make sure you pop your creations up on our Groups/Pages... Craftmania Creations & Shares - Create With Craftmania and Jamie Rodgers | Facebook Jamie Rodgers Crafts - Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook Jamie -x-

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David Marsh
David Marsh
Nov 21, 2021

😘Hi Jamie this is truly BRILLIANT you have such good ideas I think all your cards are brilliant thanks for sharing them with us,,,,,,, take care

Debbie 😘

Jamie Rodgers
Jamie Rodgers
Feb 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Debbie, that is so kind of you to say :)

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