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Simple Card Fold - 3 Panel Extended Card.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

For this project you will need - Scoreboard - Centimetre Score Board | Craftmania ( Card Glue Decorations of your choice..

Stage one - A4 sheet.... score at 4, 8,12,16, 20 and 24cm

Stage two - Add additional panel of any width to the end of your scored lines, use the tab at the end for an area to glue to, you can add a back panel to hide the join if you wish to :)

Stage three - Glue the extra panel on to the end area of your scored sheet to complete your card

Stage four - Decorate as you wish to! Good luck and we hope you enjoy recreating this project! We would love to see your versions uploaded to the our Facebook Group - Create With Craftmania And Jamie Rodgers & (11) Jamie Rodgers Crafts | Facebook

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Lesley Tozer
Lesley Tozer
02 มิ.ย. 2564

Love this and must have missed it somewhere along the lines, very effective.

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